Report: BlackBerry’s Last Hope BB10 Is May Not be Enough to Keep the Company Afloat

It saddens me associate the video at the top with RIM and the BlackBerry phones, but it’s the truth. The company has been going through some rough couple of months, and they are doing everything in their powers to keep it running smoothly. But just when we thought the company was over, RIM said – we can have one last shot – with BlackBerry 10.

Everything around them is sinking, but there are a couple of people that still have enough loyalty to stand around hoping for the best.

Then out of the blue, comes a secret source. An insider working for RIM reported to the BGR that things are much worse than they are being reported. If he is correct, BlackBerry 10 is already dead and it hasn’t even been released yet. BlackBerry 10 has gone through a hell of a path, they had the legal name change, and then there were delays after delays and then the insider says says: BB10’s firmware has no native e-mail, no BBM, and is worse than the BB 8700. He claims that the “awesome” BB10 “isn’t even as good as an Android 2.0”

According to the source the real reason on why RIM’s BlackBerry 10 smartphones are delayed, has nothing to do with a new LTE chipset that RIM is waiting on. The source said that Mike Lazaridis was lying when he said the company’s new lineup was delayed for that reason. ”RIM is simply pushing this out as long as they can for one reason, they don’t have a working product yet,” So if this doesn’t scream out – Failure in every single language there is, I don’t know what does.

Frog Playing With iPhone – Not as Cute as the Dragon but Still Funny

Every once in a while there are these crazes that rush through the internet like wild fire, remember planking, owling, coning, and that other craze that failed where people pretended to be decapitated? Well, there is a new one that was started off by a video of a bearded dragon playing Ant crusher.

This is not very different than the dragon, except that this smart mass was playing with an African bull frog. Unlike the dragon that used nothing but it’s tongue, this bull frog used his face against the screen. We, humans, find it funny, the frog… not so much.  This poor frog fails so many times that he finally has enough and tries to eat a guy’s finger.

African bull frogs are aggressive and are known to eat small rodents or even birds, but I doubt it has enough power in its jaws to cut off a finger, none of the less, still funny to watch – especially when you don’t see it coming.

How to Make Your iPhone’s Apple Logo Glow – Mod

One of the coolest things that Apple laptops have is the glowing Apple in the back of the monitor, the iPhone has a similar Apple logo in the rear of the phone, but sadly it doesn’t light up – until now.

Making your iPhone’s apple glow takes about 10 minutes, all you need is a pair of screw drivers, some tape, and a light up screen purchased from K.O Store. The DIY Luminescent logo for the iPhone is only going to be sold for about 30 more hours, so you need to get one before they can’t sell it anymore. Since the mod is an “unofficial” mod, Apple is probably going to get it off the market as soon as they find out about it.

The kit costs $43 dollars, and if you have the guts to open up the phone and void your warranty, you’ll have an awesome modified phone that everyone is going to envy. The cool thing about the mod is that it doesn’t change the operation of the iPhone, it also doesn’t change the dimensions of the phone in any way, so this means that the phone is still going to work with your protective case.

The apple logo light is only lit while your screen is turned on, and it stays illuminated for about 15 seconds after the screen goes off so the impact on your battery life is not even noticeable. I don’t see why Apple hasn’t released a phone with a light up apple yet, but this looks pretty awesome, even though it’s an amateur hack, it looks like it belongs there  – Via M.I.C Gadget

Google pulls 22 apps from Android Market because of premium SMS scam

Earlier today Google removed 22 applications from their Android Market because Lookout, a security software provider, discovered that they were scamming users into paying for a premium SMS service. The Applications were posing as popular games and aps like Angry Birds – once downloaded the application would ask the users to download another application in order to get their first app to work properly. If the user downloaded the app, they would be automatically signed up for the SMS service.

The Apps were part of a scam called the “RuFraud” scam that tricks you into signing up for the Service without your permission. Fortunately for us, the charges from the service only affected people in Europe because the code does not work for North American phones. But that doesn’t mean the malware is not out there for American phones – It just hasn’t hit American Codes yet.

Since the removal of the 22 apps from the market, the security company found five additional applications, they have been reported to Google, but they have not been taken down from the market. The Following List was taken from My Lookout’s Blog post, visit their blog for additional applications.

Corazon LLC:

  • Horoscope (
  • Horoscope (com.corazon.horoscope)

Corelly LLC:

  • Horoscope (com.corelly.horoscope)

Ranzy LLC:

  • Twilight (com.Twilight.wallpapers)
  • Puss in Boots (com.Puss.Boots.wallpapers)
  • Moneyball (com.Moneyball.wallpapers)

Astrolog LLC:

  • Sim City Deluxe FREE (
  • Need for Speed Shift FREE (
  • Great Little War Game FREE (


  • Cut the Rope (com.Cut.the.Rope)
  • Angry Birds (com.Angry.Birds)
  • Assassins Creed (com.Assassins.Creed)
  • Talking Tom Cat (com.Talking.Tom.Cat)
  • NEED FOR SPEED Shift (com.nsf.Shift)
  • Where is My Water? (com.swampy.Water)
  • Great Little War Game (com.Great.little.War.Game)
  • World of Goo (com.World.Goo)
  • Shoot The Birds (com.Shoot.The.Birds)
  • Riptide GP (com.Riptide.GP)
  • Talking Larry the Bird (com.Talking.larry.Bird)
  •  Bag It! (com.Bag.It)
  • Talking Larry the Bird (com.Talking.Larry.Bird)
  • Angry Birds (

Allwing Concept:

  • TETRIS (
  • Pool Master Pro (
  • Reckless Racing (
  • Paradise Island (

How to Get Siri on iPhone 4

One of the problems that Siri hacking developers have, is that Apple has a special line of code that pings the Apple servers using a binary set of numbers. This binary number is unique to every single cellphone that Apple has ever created. This code makes it impossible for people to replicate the code and ping their servers at will, Apple claims it’s unbreakable – or at least it was.

A Chinese group of hackers recently revealed a code that ports the Siri over to jailbroken iPhone 4 devices. The application works perfectly and flawlessly, it has the full voice-activated personal assistant powers and best of all, it pings Apple’s servers with unique “illegal” codes.

According to apple, only the iPhone 4S is  capable of running the SIRI application because of it’s extra powerful CPU, but these hackers proved otherwise. Now, if you really want to have the application, click the links at the bottom of the post. You have to remember two things though – your Mobile data will have to be sent to Chinese servers, before they ping the Apple servers and then apple sends the results back to your phone. Since China has different laws then the USA, your data will no longer be private. So if you want to risk your identity, you have been warned.

This hack is more of a “proof of concept” that the hack actually works on  other phones and not just the iPhone 4S, now that the gates have been open, expect to have other hack teams jumping on board to  figure out how to replicate the Mod in other Cellphones.

CD-Team (Chinese) and iDownloadBlog

Malls are Tracking your Movements Using Your Cellphone

A while ago I had an article regarding bluetooth tracking and how people can track your movements using your cellphone signals. This technique is commonly referred to as “bluetooth surveillance.” At the time, I thought that malls and other companies could use this same technology to track people and place advertisement in their path. Well, just in time for the new holiday season, a couple of malls have revealed that they are using a system that tracks your movements while you’re inside the mall – using nothing more than your cellphone signal. 

The actual technology is amazing, and implementing this technology in businesses and other public locations was only a matter of time. The stores believe that by tracking your movements inside a mall, they’ll be able to see which stores a particular shopper visits, how long they spend inside the store, how many stores they visit before they leave the mall, and a plethora of other interesting statistics. This data will help stores market their products more effectively by providing them with useful marketing information. The cellphone sygnals are tracked down and plotted onto their system to show what direction people flow and travel in. This “flow” will help the mall find a way to direct traffic to stores that have little to no foot traffic and help them increase their sales.

According to Path Intelligence, the developers of the software, their system is not going to collect actual identifying information or personal data about the cellphone user. They stated that the software is just going to be a tool to “help” stores “help” us find what we need better. Path Intelligence, did have a good point about physical tracking, they said that physical tracking is not as intrusive as online tracking. Online tracking companies track people down in far much greater detail. Online stores collect address information, credit card information, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and other personal identifiers. Path Intelligence only tracks the “path” of a cellphone across a building.

Currently, two malls in the U.S. are the only ones using this system, Promenade Temecula in California is the first, and Short Pump Town Center in Richmond, Virginia, is the second one. Other malls are looking into the program and are already planning on ways to install this system on their grounds. If you’re not a fan of being tracked inside a mall, don’t sweat it, simply turn your cellphone off and you’ll be untraceable! Via CNN

Thanksgiving Giveaway – Free DVD Ripping Blu-ray Software before Nov.29

Well, it’s that time of year again when everyone is giving out free stuff to all their loyal customers. To celebrate Thanksgiving 2011 in a giving way, Digiarty Software is holding a luxurious software feast to thank you all. We are giving away a Total of 30K copies of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Thanksgiving Edition, worth $1 million. The rules to claim these are very simple, “First Come, First Server”. An interesting game is also prepared for users, all participants have the chance to free get a gift valued $49.95, unlimited copies. This giveaway is valid before Nov.29, 2011. Now hold the last chance to free get your Thanksgiving giveaway.

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It is a Blu-ray decrypting & backup software that is able to decrypt and copy any Blu-ray video disc to hard drive as MPEG2 video file and Blu-ray video folder for playing with media player, or further edition, protect your beloved Blu-ray disc from scratch. All Blu-ray related copy protections supported, even including the recent AACS MKB V25, BD+ and BD-Live, etc. It can also transform 3D Blu-ray video disc to 2D video.

If you have a lot of DVD and Blu-ray video disc, just visit and grab this good opportunity to get this powerful software to enrich your digital life.


Is it Possible to Receive a Free iPad? Learn How!

There is no doubt your old computer is no longer appealing and, although you have been dreaming of a tablet ever since they first hit the market, you cannot afford one, so how about receiving a free iPad

Why an iPad? Because it beats everything else and it has the exclusivity and quality tag of being produced by Apple.

Is it possible to get it for free? Although it sounds too good to be true, it is. You just have to know where to look. More and more companies are organizing sign up sessions, contests and special promotions to market their products, giving away iPads for free, in exchange for people’s subscriptions or personal information.

What seems worthless to you is worth much more for a company with new products hitting the market, so don’t be surprised if filling in your email or your name and phone number is all you have to do to earn a free iPad.

How Can You Find iPad Giveaway Offers?

New offers are usually published very often on many companies’ homepages, and since Google loves fresh content and news in general, it will undoubtedly take you there.

A second source would be websites specializing in locating such free iPad offers. They are a real treasure for people hunting bargains and free products, because they list several, if not all active offers.

Let’s not forget supermarkets and opening stores! Contests and special promotions are organized everyday and the only way to guarantee their success is using attractive products like iPads.

Another valuable source for information on iPad giveaways are social networks, like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Hi5 etc. They can also work miracles in voting contests.  However, it is very important that you verify the information on the companies’ homepages, because these are also the places where most scams begin.

How to Recognize Free iPad Scams

For example, some users may promise an iPad in exchange for your vote on a certain website. Others may have websites of their own and they are just looking for potential clients. They would promise anything to get your email address, knowing that it could earn them another sales transaction.

The best way to recognize free iPad scams is by paying attention to details. Sometimes, the quality of a video, the professional design of a website or even people’s comments and messages can reveal important information.

Thorough Organization and Efficiency

To improve your chances, you obviously need to participate in several contests and subscribe to several offers. In some cases, you may be asked to answer questions, memorize codes etc. – so make sure you write down every single detail.

For example, it could be a radio contest meant to reward faithful listeners and giving a free iPad 2 to the person naming a date in the radio station’s history or the DJ to host their first radio show.

All you have to do is listen to the respective radio station and come up with the answers, but unless you write them down, you might forget everything and lose your chance of winning the free iPad; but don’t worry, the world doesn’t end with a failure and your iPad is still out there waiting for you. As with all giveaways, the odds are stacked against you but if you stay consistent and motivated, your chances od winning are far greater!