We are to lazy to worry about Cellphone Security

According to a Survey taken in the U.S. a large number of us are to relax with our cellphone security. it was estimated that about 84% of us use the same cellphone for both professional and personal tasks, very few of us use phone-locking passwords, and about 66% of us keep personal data on our phones.

The problem is not so much as “they can steal my pictures or videos” but the fact that now days we tend to download several applications to facilitate our lives. Mint, Stock Trader, Chase Bank App, etc, and on top of that we even make purchases over the phone or our web browser. Despite of all the red warnings, or even the problems that this could have, we continue to use our phones and treating them as just a life facilitator. If for some reason, our phone ever gets stolen, we could potentially lose more than just a cellphone.

The survey showed that almost 67% of users are bothered more by mobile ads than by malware, a full 12% have been targeted of attempted mobile payment fraud. yet only 6% do a monthly check of their cell phone bill and only about 8% of the consumers asked check their phone statement whe it’s unusually high. And spite all of these red flags and risks, we continue to pretend everything is safe because it’s a phone and not a P.C. as the cellphones continue to get more and more advanced so does the people behind the phones trying to hack and crack the information being transmitted over the networks.

The survey [PDF] in question comes from security firm AVG and research and consulting firm The Ponemon Institute.

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Black Berry Play Book, will run Android Apps.

It’s no longer just a rumor, it’s not a “possibility” it is reality! when RIM’s – Research In Motion – sends out it’s Blackberry Play book it will be able to play Android Applications!

For some time now, people have speculated and have rumored that the playbook would run Android Apps and RIM ran away with it and kept on pushing the rumors around but finally they made the announcement that it would run Android Apps. This is a big change for Rim, since up to now they have had their own application software that uses RIM Application Codes, Android Apps are completely different.
The technical details surrounding Android-compatibility aren’t clear.

Mashable C. Warren wrote: We assume RIM is using a virtual machine that can support Android code. This method is likely similar to what the QNX-based tablet will do to run apps written for older BlackBerry handset devices. RIM says developers will just need to repackage, code sign and submit existing Android apps to the Blackberry App World. For developers that want to create native apps for the PlayBook, RIM says its BlackBerry Tablet OS Native Development Kit will be in open Beta by this summer. It seems odd to release a device to consumers before the native development kit is even in open beta, but we guess that’s why RIM is expanding its options to also include apps written for BlackBerry Java, Android and Adobe Air.

Now this is going to be interesting, however it seems like Playbook will be running Android 2.3 and not 3.0 as previously thought. But this move will increase the RIM Applications network by thousands, it will definitely be a different kind of move. It seems like everything now days is being taken over by either Google Apps, or Apple Apps, we’ll just have to wait and see how this works out.