New App Lets You Sell Your Parking Spots

We’ve all been there, you get to a location in a very busy downtown area and it takes you hours to find the perfect spot. Afterwards you hate to give the parking spot away for free because you know it has some sort of “value” behind it. Well thanks to a new app called Parking Auction, you can finally sell your spot to a new driver.

Here is the idea behind the Parking Auction, you’re at an awesome bar and you realize that the nearest parking location is 5 blocks away, so before you leave the bar, you can pull out your phone and start hosting auctions, as soon as you get into your car, you take the highest bidder and the winner of the auction heads over to your location.

The driver gets an instant parking spot inside one of the best bars, you get some money, he’s happy, you’re happy, and you made the money you lost at the bar right back with an awesome sale of a parking spot. You could theoretically use Parking auction with Croudmug to make a good amount of cash and cover your bar expenses.

At least, this is a good idea, but you do run into a couple of problems. First off you can’t “sell” public parking spaces, that’s not legal but according to the app creators this is what they said:

How is this legal?

• You are not actually selling your spot. You are selling information — that a parking spot is about to become available.
• A logistics company selling information about the fastest route to take isn’t selling the road.What happens if another car tries to take the spot I’m selling?

• You quietly drive away and lose the sale. It’s no different than trying to give your spot to your neighbor and someone else pulls up first.

So that’s another problem, I can almost guarantee that someone is going to get into a fight, imagine you won the parking spot you pay for it and someone else comes up and takes it from you? or worse yet, you’re waiting for the buyer to pull up and after he shows up he never pays you, what do you think it’s going to happen?

I need to start coming up with apps like these, there are hundreds of people out there who are looking for something for cheap. You can pretty much sell anything to anyone who has money, it’s all about making things easy for everyone else. So what’s next?  “I didn’t finish my steak I need, anyone want to buy it?”

Parking Auction, via Wired

Amazon CEO Patents Airbags for Cellphones

A huge problem I’ve had with cellphones and computers has always been the fact that shortly after a get a new one, i drop it and either completely ruin it, or scratch it to where it looks like it’s been used for several months. If Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon just patented a safety device for cellphones.

The patent uses a whole bunch of things, a Gyroscope, Camera, IR Beam, Radar and an Accelerometer to detect when the phone is falling from a surface or your hands, pockets etc. At that time, the phone will send out signals to micro airbags that will inflate. Inside the cellphone there will be a small CO2 cartride that will be used to inflate the bags.

I’m not sure how old the patent is, but I thought the whole idea was to make phones smaller and thinner? if you add a CO2 cartridge and 6 airbags,  this would defeat the whole purpose of going towards the “thin.” also, have you ever hit an airbag before? you bounce very hard, if these airbags are anything like the real ones, the phone will bounce and land on it’s side. Again, defeating the purpose.

None of the less, this is a wild patent and a crazy idea, I’m sure this is just a placeholder patent, you know the ones that just sit there until someone tries to make a similar product so you can file a law suit?

The Register

Croudmug Lets you Pay Someone to Visit a Place For You

How many times have you been at work watching the minute hand slowly tick by hoping that you are out of work at an awesome place with your friends, only to find that after you finally make it to the bar, you realize that it’s not the right place for you? Well thanks to Crowdmug for the Iphone, now you can pay someone to visit the place for you and send you either a picture or a video of the area to help you make the right decision.

The only problem is that in order for this to work, you need a whole bunch of people to be using this application. And considering that you have to “pay” someone to go out and check out a place, this doesn’t look like it’s going to be a big hit. You do have the ability to check the application for free by snooping at the images that are being sent from user to user, but if you want to find something in specific you have to use some money. You can get app for free from the app store! – Thanks to Gerald D. For sending us this App!

Facebook Introduces their New Dedicated Message App

When Facebook came into the picture, it took down a major “social” contributor, AIM, by introducing their “chat” services. But now, they are stepping up into a whole new playing field, they have recently launched a messaging application that is more like text messages than anything else.

This new messaging application is completely dedicated to messaging alone, and while it is still connected to your facebook account, it runs on it’s own separate app page. Once you send out a message, your friend(s) will receive a notification instantly, IF they have the application installed. This is a similar application to that of Blackberry Messenger. So if you have unlimited data but you don’t have unlimited text messages, this application is perfect for you.

If you have not downloaded this application already, head on over to the app store and get this to try it out. Let’s hope that we get the chance to enjoy this app before facebook get’s taken down by Anonymous on November 5, 2011.

via Engadget

Monitoring Your Blood Without Using Needles

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate needles. One of the only reasons I hate going to the Doctor is because of the fact that regardless of what you are going in to the doctor for, they always want to get a blood sample… “pull up your shirt sleeve, we need to take a blood sample to see if you are going bald”

A new technology could bring those days to be a thing of the past, this new way of checking blood actually uses fluorescing nano-particle tattoos. The doctors inject you with nano-particles that fluoresce when they come in contact with a specified molecule. This way, the researchers can actually track the changes in sodium levels, sugar levels, iron levels, etc, using nothing more than a modified iPhone.

The iPhone has a blue light that makes the particles reflect the light back – Similar to the way we use a black light to intensify the light being reflected off of neon or white colors.  The iPhone camera is equipped to read and analyze the fluorescence light being emitted by the particles. According to the scientist, the molecules light up with different intensity depending on what minerals are present at the time. This may not be something very practical for people like you or me who go to the doctor once every 10 blue moons, but for people with diabetes who have to check their blood once or twice a day, this could really help them simplify their life.

Technology Review

The iPhone Bottle Opener

The iPhone just got a bit cooler with this new add-ON. In fact, it got a whole lot cooler. We all know that Australians love a good beer, well, Rob Ward and Chris Peters  managed to put a bottle opener in the back of their iPhone that slides in and out when they need to use it.

The Opena, as it is called, has a dual purpose, protect your phone when it falls, and open beer! the actual design actually prevents fizz from getting all over the phone. So you don’t have to worry about that one.

You can pre-order yours in black or white for just $40 here, and you can see the Opena in action in the video below. Via Sydney Morning Herald

Top 25 iPhone Gadgets!

The iPhone is amazing, they not only have the most apps, but they also have a vast number of Gadgets that make the iPhone extremely versatile. The main reason so many gadgets exist for the iPhone, is because of it’s consistency in shape and style. The iPhone changes very little from model to model. While other phones change in drastic ways every other year or so.

When the iPhone came out to the market back in 2007, several companies instantly came up right behind it to make “i” things. Nowadays, you can add the letter “i” to just about anything and you’ll instantly come up in the market.  The iPhone has everything from, Bottle openers, to camera adapters and even a tripod adapters. Some of the gadgets are extremely useful, while other are just plain useless. At the end of the phone’s life, you can even use the iPhone as an iPaper Weight.

The gallery below, is just a quick gallery of the 25 most useful gadgets that we found around the internet. Hope you guy’s enjoy it.

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This iPhone Cable has 3 USB ports

Usually as technology gets smaller, you begin to lose rooms for components like USB Ports, or other ports on the rear of the device. For example, my Laptop at home has 6 USB ports, while my wife’s net book has 2. This is a horrible problem when it comes to connecting things like the Printer, your USB card and a phone. You practically have to plug and unplug etc until you get your printing done. That’s where this awesome iPhone cable with a built in triple USB hub comes in handy.

Just plug in your USB cable into your laptop, and now you can charge your phone/ipod while at the same time opening up 3 additional USB connections! Just plain brilliant! makes me wonder why not all of our USB cables are already like this?

Via Technabob