The iHome iP4 Boombox for iPhone or iPod

IPhone docks are amazing, you simply put your iPhone or iPad in the dock and you can start blasting your songs for everyone to hear. Earlier today I talked about companies making a killing out of gadgets that turn your iPhone into something that is not. The Snap! Camera turns your iPhone into a fake digital camera. This Boombox, turns your iPhone … into a cassette?

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen dock stations or devices that are inspired by retro things from the past, and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be the last time I see one either. The iHome Boombox adds a special type of classic décor to your home, and it works great.

It packs more than just its looks, the iP4 has a pair of 4″ carbon composite woofers, and two 1″ Ferro fluid cooled tweeters, the speakers are powered by a class D amp. So it has some pretty good sounds, it also has a 5 band graphic equalizer with an LCD display, oh and just to make sure that you have something to listen to when you’re tired of your phone, they packed an FM radio too.

The box comes with a remote control that attaches to the top of the boombox using magnets so you can keep up with it while you’re moving the box around. The boombox can run on electricity from your home, OR if you’re the type that really wants to bring retro back, you can carry this box on your shoulder while it runs on 6 “D” batteries.

The box comes in two colors, grayish black and hot pink, the grayish black looks dull and plain, while the hot pink looks… hot freaking pink. Be warned though, if you buy the pink one you instantly lose all your “thug” credibility. You can pick one of these boxes up at your nearest Urban Outfitters for $199.

Snap! – How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Camera

Since the iPhone came out, several companies have been trying to make a fortune by trying to turn the iPhone into something it’s not. The images at the bottom are an excellent example as to what I mean by that. The iPhone 4’s camera turned out to be very good. For some reason or another the images come out amazing, I know it has to do with the kind of technology they use, and it’s never going to become a digital camera, but it’s good enough for the typical Facebook photographers that we all are.

I for one, stopped carrying around a camera when I got my first photo phone, but if you still miss carrying around the big clunky design, The Snap! Might be what you’re looking for. The case is designed by Bitplay, and it comes in two halves that split so you can put your iPhone in the between. Its only purpose, to make people believe you have a real camera…. but you don’t!

It’s hard to believe that anyone is going to buy this new “kit” but you never know, some people are just that into taking pictures and they like to look a bit more serious than everyone else. The Snap! Case is currently on display at the Tokyo Designer’s Week 2011 event. They still haven’t released the price and they haven’t announced when it’s going to be released.

Bitplay Inc, via OhGizmo!

How To Keep Your iPhone’s Headphone Jack Clean With The iCatchi

If you are anything like me, my phone is to make calls, listen to music, and play angry birds. My phone is packed with over 10 gigabytes of random music that I have accumulated over the years. I’ve had my phone for about 2 years, and in those 2 years, I’ve had problems with the headphone jack a total of 9 times. This happens when lint or sand or any other type of debris gets trapped inside the headphone opening, and it tricks the phone into thinking there is a headset inserted into the phone. After the ninth time of this happening, I started to find different ways to plug up the headphone jack to keep this from messing up my phone again.

Since everything around my house is controlled by bluetooth, and most devices now days have an iPhone Dock or an Android Dock, there was no need for me to have the jack open to cause more problems. I used tape, hot glue, small a toothpick, etc. but somehow, the problem always came back.

Then I found the iCatchi while I was looking for a solution to the problem on line. Apparently, there are thousands of people that have the same problem with the iPhone or the iPad. Even the iPhone 4S has the problem with the jack believing there is a headset inserted into the phone, when in reality, it’s just a small piece of debris inside it. So I went to the iCatchi website at, yes it’s Australian, but these guys were having the same problem as I was and found a perfect way to fix it!

The iCatchi is one of those products that you find on the store while you’re waiting in line and think “oh wow, this is exactly what I was looking for!” It’s basically a plug for your Cellphone’s jack. It has two purposes – the primary one, to prevent debris from entering the phone through the headphone jack – and the iCatchi does this 100% of the time, and is extremely amazing at it.  The second purpose is to make your phone different from all the other phones in the crowd by giving you the ability to personalize your phone one step further than the rest. They have hundreds of different themes and looks that range from politics, flags, fashion and sports teams, just to name a few. You can check them out by clicking the themes available tab on their website. They also have an option where you can send them your logo and they will add your logo to the top of the plug. This is great if you own a company and want to get some sort of publicity out of the plug, OR if you just want to make your own design.

I went ahead and got several of the plugs in to check them out and see which ones I enjoyed the best, plus I thought they look pretty cool. One of my main reasons I ordered several of them was because I thought the plug could fall off OR if I ever decided to use the headphone jack I would lose the small plug. But when I got them I found out they actually come with a small plastic plug holder the iCatchi Clip, that attaches to your headphone chord. The clip holds your plug in place while you use your head set.

The iCatchi doesn’t work on every phone, yet, but the iCatchi website has a handy compatibility chart where you can check your device and see which iCatchi models will work with your device. The iCatchi models include Flat Round, Curved Round, Curved Rectangular and Short Round. These difference is mostly on the size and shape of the plug that sticks out of the headphone jack. The only one that is actually different is the Short Round, which has a shorter headphone plug designed to work with Nintendo and Sony handheld consoles. So just make sure you check out their site before you start ordering what ever you think is going to look cool.

Once you get the plug, you will notice that the iCatchi fits snugly into the headphone jack of your device. The disc portion, where the logo is displayed, sticks out just enough to block the entrance, so it doesn’t really mess with your phone’s contour design to much. Since the plug fits flush against your device, it could be a problem with some cases that are available in the market like the Otter Box.  But if you don’t have a box around your phone, these models would be great for you.

I would definitely check them out before you run into the headphone problem. Since I have a couple of these plugs laying around the office now, I need to give some of them out. Like Our page by clicking the box on the top right or the bottom of the article, then simply leave us a comment on our fan page and at the end of the week we’ll pick random winners to send you a pair of the iCatchies for you to try out. If you are already a fan, just leave a comment saying “already a fan” you’r comment will hold 10 times the weight over a new fan increasing the chances of winning! – this is one of the pro’s for being a fan of Tek-Bull when a contest is started. Good luck!

Two Thumbs Up For The New iPhone 4S

For iPhone lovers, it’s just like a dream come true. At least, they have seen what they were expecting from this magnificent mobile.

Its A5 processor with dual core can make it faster. Like processor, its voice assistant, iOS 5 and a camera for sharp images is not a bad bargain after all! Even, the multi-tasking feature is quite interesting and is able to provide you with far better results. No doubt, it is a tough time for iPhone competitors to survive in the market and to face a huge challenge given by iPhone 4S.

Why not look at some useful tips related to iPhone 4S, which will make you more comfortable while you use it? Let’s have a look at them:

Use iCloud to push your data

First, we have iCloud, as this app has the ability to push all of your images, documents and data to your other exceptional devices. It’s an easy and quite a simple job of data forwarding. You can use iCloud, because it is the easiest way to share and manage data on your devices. Don’t be surprised, as it will happen automatically and you just have to watch the show. Similarly, you don’t have to pay something as it’s almost free!

To listen to the music, you need iCloud

You just have to purchase music and it will be downloaded on all your devices. It’s quite amazing to have such download without doing some extra bit of efforts. So, how does it feel to buy some good songs on our iPhone and listen to them on you iPad, without doing some manual sharing? Even, you can watch your favorite TV program on your devices without spending money. Don’t you think it is something necessary for your mobile? If it is, then you should have it.

Yes, you can share photos

All you have to do is to carefully take a snap; a snap, which could capture golden moments of your life. After taking a snapshot, you have to do nothing. Photo stream will do everything for you. Your iOS device will make it visible on other apple devices like your MacBook, iPad, or even on the screen of your TV.

You don’t have to think about synchronization between these devices, because photo stream will be done on its own. You can send a huge number of copies without doing some effort. Isn’t it nice to take snaps and show them on big screens without and physical connection?

Why not documents?

Suppose, if you are working on some crucial document and want to have its copy on some other devices as well, use what you got, as iCloud is able enough to send your documents to other Apple devices in no time. You can imagine that you don’t even have to save the work, as it will be shared with other devices simultaneously.

You can do messaging

Once two devices are connected with each other, you can send and receive free texts through iMessage service. Interestingly, once you are in the “cloud,” you can also have an extraordinary space for storage. 5GB is not a bad option after all, and if it’s free, then you must have it. Keep it in mind that your security is the major concern for iCloud that will never be compromised.

You can share books

You may notice this feature after purchasing a book. If you have good habits of sharing things with others, then you may feel the beauty of iCloud book sharing.  Your purchased book will be visible on all the apple devices around your iPhone 4S. iCloud has the tendency to share your things and new purchases through Wi-Fi or 3G. It’s up to you to use any service you want for this fast data transfer. So, what’s your say? Are you ready to unbox your iPhone 4S?

These are some of the best tips for those who are not well aware of these new innovations. If you want to make your file sharing easier than ever, then why don’t you adopt the most modern way on earth? Yes, we are talking about the iCloud on iPhone 4S.

After all, it’s about APPLE

You never know when you become addicted to some new and innovative Apple device. The previous track record of Apple reveals the same story. From iPhone series to the iPod Nano, everything is possible here. All you have to do is to use your credit card in order to buy your iPhone 4S.

People buy these devices not for fun, not because of their loyalty, but because Apple has become one of the basic necessities of their lives. Falling in love with Apple is no more super-natural, because it’s now possible for anyone to get lost in its extraordinary devices. So, what about you? Have you made your mind to get your share or still trying to understand how they do the whole stuff so nicely?

This article is written by Kevin Moor, who also writes for, a site emphasizing on antivirus software

What’s So Special About the iOS 5?

In last weeks Tech Tip I talked about the iPhone 4s and more specifically the new voice recognition technology siri.

Perhaps you’re not in the market to upgrade to the new iPhone, or are just planning on holding off for a bit, but don’t worry if you’re an existing iPhone user you can still at least feel like you’ve got a new iphone, and in this weeks Tech Tip I’ll tell you how.

Show Notes:

• For more GREAT hands on video of the iphone 4s and ios 5 check out

Fun Things to Ask the New iPhone 4S Siri

The iPhone 4S was released with a brand new feature, the Siri, which is just a fun toy that actually allows the phone to talk back to you when you ask it a question. If you’ve ever played with Oliver Bot online then you already have some experience with this kind of software, but Appleclaims that this is way more advance and that the phone actually learns to talk to you.

I don’t have an iPhone 4s and i’s very doubtful that I will be getting one in the upcoming weeks, but this sounds like an awesome feature on the phone. From the looks of the pictures we collected, it looks like it has more than just the typical “I don’t Know what you mean?” or the classic program feature that answers your question with a question. You know, the typical “what is the maning of life? – What do YOU think is the meaning of life?”

Joshua Topolsky  has several of other pictures that he collected while he’s in the “reviewing” stages of the phone, check out their site to see some other interesting pictures. These are just some of the ones that we thought were the best.

[nggallery id=17]

How The iOS 5′s Find My Friends Feature Destoryed A Marriage

When Apple released the iOS5 software, a new application called Find My Friend came per-installed with the system. This new app allowed you to pinpoint the location of any of your friends who were also using the service. This service can apparently also be used to track your lying and cheating wife. The app claimed the first marriage after a husband installed the application on his wife’s phone without her knowing it.

According to MacRumors, the husband installed the application on his wife’s phone when he was setting up the phone for her. One evening, she went out to visit her friend and claimed to be on 10th street. The husband messaged her several times but after she failed to respond he looked up the phone on the app. He thought that she might be spending time with another man that lived uptown, so he fired up the app just to rule this scenario out, to his surprised, she was on 65th street (uptown) even though she claimed that she was in a completely different area of town.

The husband said that he’s going to use the information as evidence in their divorce, depending on how accurate the application is, hey may or may not be able to use it as evidence. And THATS why all of my devices are set up by me and no one else!

MacRumors via Gizmodo

Get the 4S Siri on the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4s’ Siri has been very popular amongst all the usersthat now everyone want’s to have a piece of the pie without having to buy the new iPhone 4S. Why should THEY be the only ones that get all the Siri fun? I too would love to ask Siri the fun and popular questions that everyone is talking about!

But were in luck, progress is already being made to bring the personal assistant over to the iPhone 4. The project is all thanks to Steve Troughton, he’s working day and night to smooth out the port of Siri to the iPhone 4. The hack is not able to connect to the Apple servers to get data and give you amazing results, but the hack will be able to do things like manage tasks on the phone like, reading calendar events, set reminders, read texts, you know the local stuff.

Initially, Siri was going to be an app to be released to all the iOS device, but at the last minute, they pulled the plug on the app because it is believed that only the 4S is fast enough to integrate the system smoothly thanks to the dual core processors in the system. Troughton is trying to piece it all together so the iPhone 4 can run it smoothly without any problems. They need to share the love and bring the Siri to the Android market! Very unlikely, but it’s a good thought.

via YouTube