Faux Lego Cam Beats The One you Have Around Your Neck

Why would anyone want to pay $55 for a camera that has no LCD Display, no flash, and no “special” features? Beats me. But the Nanoblock digital snapper seems to be trending in Japan. The camera is made out of Fuuvi’s Nanoblocks, which are the Japanese version of the Lego, except smaller – regardless, these blocks too seem to be trending in Japan.

Naturally, when two things are trending, they tend to come together for the better, at least that’s the philosophy that the Japanese have, so they came up with this camera that is 100% completely customizable.

The camera sports a… whopping two-megapixel sensor, a view finder made out of – literally – a square hole made out of Fuuivi’s Nanoblocks, and it has the ability to take video. Once you are satisfied with your picture – not like you even know if it’s good enough – you can plug it into your laptop and retrieve the image right away… check out this video, and you can easily see who this camera is intended for.  [Fuuvi via Cnet]

Apple Wants to File Patent Lawsuit Against a Bankrupt Kodak

Talk about kicking a company while it’s trying to get back off the ground. On January 19, Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Shortly after the announcement, they backed out of the digital camera field, a technology they invented and failed to commercialize. In their Chapter 11 Documents they listed assets of 5.1 billion dollars and a debt of 6.8 billion. In order to stay somewhat profitable, Kodak restructured their company so they could focus on digital printers as their main form of income, but out of the blue, Apple hits them a patent law suit.

Apple asked a US Bankruptcy Court for permission to go after Kodak. Which is actually kind of nice since they are not legally bound to request permission to sue a court-protected bankrupt company.

According to Bloomberg, the lawsuit focuses on technologies that Kodak uses in their printers, digital picture frames, and digital cameras. I can only imagine the frustration that the Kodak executives are feeling right now, immediately after finding a way out of full bankruptcy, Apple comes along and tells them “Yea, that rope you grabbed onto before falling of the ledge? We own it, and were going to cut it.”

Instead of Apple trying to take down Kodak, they should try to find an agreement where both can profit, imagine the different types of products they could come up with? I thought the point of being in the tech business was to develop newer and better technologies… not come up with ideas and storing them away until someone develops them, and then take them to court for beating you to it.

When I buy a product, I buy it because it’s going to make my life easier. I understand the importance of protecting your patented technologies, but at the same time, I think companies should share their technologies with other companies so they can develop better working products for everyone. Imagine if Apple had a patent for cellphones, and Samsung had a patent for LCDs? An iPhone would never exist without massive lawsuits – think about all the other products that need a specific part of technology to be finished but we have to wait on “legal terms.”

I miss the older days where technologies and products were made in factories instead of court rooms.

Kodak is Backing Out of the Digital Camera Business

The company that started it all in the 1970’s is backing out of the Digital Camera business. After Kodak developed the first digital camera, other companies quickly jumped onboard the ship. Kodak stayed the course developing cameras the way it had in the past with the mind set of – if it’s not broken why fix it? While everyone else came in with radical ideas that pushed the company off the ledge.

The digital camera market has been over flooding with new companies and new designs coming out almost every other month; Unfortunately, Kodak was unable to keep up with changing times. Companies like Sony, Nikon, and Canon are developing video and digital cameras that over shadow Kodak’s generic cameras. Kodak “moment’s” are better suited for last minute CVS trips when you’re out of town. Even then, you can quickly drive out to Best Buy and buy an “Okay” camera for $50 bucks, which is going to beat a disposable digital camera’s quality – plus, you can use it more than once.

Another competitor, and giant threat to the digital camera world is the Cellphone industry, they have been adding amazing features to their phones. Not only can you take a picture or video clip on the go, but you can also share the image instantly with whomever you want.

But Kodak is not out of the picture yet, in order to keep the cash flowing, the company says it will focus on licensing its patented technologies out and strengthening its online and retail-based photo printing, desktop inkjet printing and film businesses.  Kodak, via PetaPixel

The 50-Dollar Camera Follow Focus is Will Make Your Videos Suck Less

I know you’re probably thinking: What’s a follow focus? and you’r face may look a little something like this O.o but really it’s basically a tool that makes focus adjustments smoother and more precise while recording video using a photo-camera. Normally speaking when you’re taking still photos, you have nothing to worry about. You can snap a picture, wait a short while, fix the focus and snap another one. When you’re recording video however, the entire process can be a bit difficult.

Since most cameras don’t have an auto focus, you’re forced to twist the focus left and right and that’s not always as smooth as you would want it to be. Some times you end up with your finger on the lens, other times the focus is so horrible that you have to squint your eyes while watching the video. This Follow Focus gadget is going to take care of that for you. Using a simple lever and pulley system, you can quickly make the focus adjustments in an instant without making it suck to much.

This is a pretty interesting Kickstarter project, and if you pledge now you can get the Follow Focus assembly for $60, which gets you a follow focus assembly with a belt and pulley designed for standard SLR lenses. The more advanced version which costs $75 gets you the hardware to accommodate larger lenses. [Kickstarter]

Microsoft’s Next Generation Surface Finally Goes Up for Pre-Order

Do you guys remember that back in January Microsoft was all over CES 2011 when they unveiled the next generation surface interactive display? Then, they stated the surface was going to be a couple of years before it came into full production, but thanks to Samsung the surface is finally going into production this year.

The first generation surface was carrying a horrible price tag of $12,500, it was a little bulky, clunky, and really didn’t get much done. But the newest generation is a whole lot thinner, at 4” thick, it’s also a lot lighter since it only weighs 39 Kilograms, and its really just an oversized television display. The price tag is still at a hefty $8,000 on average, but that’s $4,000 cheaper than last generation.

In terms of speed and specifics, the display is a 40 inch 16:9 display and is capable of putting out 1080p. The display runs on an AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core processor and runs at about 2.9ghz. The screen is also very durable, thanks to the largest sheet of Gorilla Glass yet seen on a product, this display/table is going to withstand  heavy uses.

The new display which is called SUR40 uses a new type of Technology called PixelSense, Microsoft said that it’s as giving Surface “vision.” To the entire display. The entire surface acts like a giant camera, so you could basically put an object above the display and take a picture of it.

The SUR40 can be pre-ordered now directly from Samsung in 23 countries.Read more at Microsoft

Snap! – How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Camera

Since the iPhone came out, several companies have been trying to make a fortune by trying to turn the iPhone into something it’s not. The images at the bottom are an excellent example as to what I mean by that. The iPhone 4’s camera turned out to be very good. For some reason or another the images come out amazing, I know it has to do with the kind of technology they use, and it’s never going to become a digital camera, but it’s good enough for the typical Facebook photographers that we all are.

I for one, stopped carrying around a camera when I got my first photo phone, but if you still miss carrying around the big clunky design, The Snap! Might be what you’re looking for. The case is designed by Bitplay, and it comes in two halves that split so you can put your iPhone in the between. Its only purpose, to make people believe you have a real camera…. but you don’t!

It’s hard to believe that anyone is going to buy this new “kit” but you never know, some people are just that into taking pictures and they like to look a bit more serious than everyone else. The Snap! Case is currently on display at the Tokyo Designer’s Week 2011 event. They still haven’t released the price and they haven’t announced when it’s going to be released.

Bitplay Inc, via OhGizmo!

The Sling Shot Camera: Capture The Real Expression

Getting a picture of your friends showing off their real emotions is extremely hard; they always fake their smiles and expressions. How many times have you scrolled through 300 different pictures on facebook only to realize your friend’s expression never changes? Thanks to the Sling Shot Camera, we can now capture their emotions and expressions at just the right time.

The whole “I’m not photogenic” or the even more classic one “I don’t do photos, I’m to shy” comes up as soon as a person pulls out a camera. Some of the best memories I’ve had with people are, are just that, memories because as soon as someone pulled out a camera, we all became that fake smiling person that everyone can see on facebook. So how can we become more “animated” when we’re taking a picture? Well, we could record everything using a miniature camera, OR we could go out and buy the Sling Shot Cam!

Wouldn’t it be great to take a completely random picture of your friend that captures, Shock, Fear, Humor, Laughter, and Happyness all at the same time? That’s what this sling shot camera is all about.

Just point the sling shot at your unsuspecting victim, pull the elastic band back like you are about to shoot out some sort of projectile and then watch them duck for cover and scream, and snap that picture! The camera was created by Designers: Sung Young Um & Jung Eun Yim Via: Yanko Design, the photos below talk show us what it’s all about.


Top 25 iPhone Gadgets!

The iPhone is amazing, they not only have the most apps, but they also have a vast number of Gadgets that make the iPhone extremely versatile. The main reason so many gadgets exist for the iPhone, is because of it’s consistency in shape and style. The iPhone changes very little from model to model. While other phones change in drastic ways every other year or so.

When the iPhone came out to the market back in 2007, several companies instantly came up right behind it to make “i” things. Nowadays, you can add the letter “i” to just about anything and you’ll instantly come up in the market.  The iPhone has everything from, Bottle openers, to camera adapters and even a tripod adapters. Some of the gadgets are extremely useful, while other are just plain useless. At the end of the phone’s life, you can even use the iPhone as an iPaper Weight.

The gallery below, is just a quick gallery of the 25 most useful gadgets that we found around the internet. Hope you guy’s enjoy it.

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