Water Damaged Apple iPhone: What To Do?

Nowadays there are phones that are not afraid of water at all (Sony’s super-resistant Xperia phones, Motorola’s Defy and some of Nokia’s old feature phones come to my mind at once). But unfortunately, water can kill cool expensive smartphones like the Apple iPhones in minutes. On the other hand, you can try to save and revive a water-damaged phone, even if it’s an iPhone, and if you follow the steps below and don’t waste much time, you’ll be able to make it work again.

1. Turn your wet iPhone off (if it’s not off already). It’s very important, since it will raise your phone’s chance to stay “alive” after water contact. Remember that you’ll be able to switch it on only after 72 hours.

2. No, don’t take it to the warranty center – they won’t help you, since water damage is not a warranty case.

3. Remove the SIM card.

4. Shake the phone and try to remove as much water as possible. If it doesn’t have much water inside, that’s great.

5. Dry the iPhone with a towel.

6. Don’t try to dry your iPhone in a microwave or stove. And don’t use any hairdryers or other things like that on it – they’ll kill your favorite phone in minutes.

7. Put your iPhone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice and leave it there for at least 72 hours. Rice will absorb the moisture well and dry your phone safely.

8. Patiently wait for 72 hours.

9. Take your phone from the rice bag or bowl and if it’s completely dry, switch it on.

Is everything OK with it? If yes, congratulations! You did well! If no… Well, at least you know you did everything you could.

Source – TeqnoLogical

Faux Lego Cam Beats The One you Have Around Your Neck

Why would anyone want to pay $55 for a camera that has no LCD Display, no flash, and no “special” features? Beats me. But the Nanoblock digital snapper seems to be trending in Japan. The camera is made out of Fuuvi’s Nanoblocks, which are the Japanese version of the Lego, except smaller – regardless, these blocks too seem to be trending in Japan.

Naturally, when two things are trending, they tend to come together for the better, at least that’s the philosophy that the Japanese have, so they came up with this camera that is 100% completely customizable.

The camera sports a… whopping two-megapixel sensor, a view finder made out of – literally – a square hole made out of Fuuivi’s Nanoblocks, and it has the ability to take video. Once you are satisfied with your picture – not like you even know if it’s good enough – you can plug it into your laptop and retrieve the image right away… check out this video, and you can easily see who this camera is intended for.  [Fuuvi via Cnet]

Top 5 iPod Touch Music Apps

It’s hard to believe that the first iPod Touch was released back in 2007. Since the first generation of everyone’s favourite media playing device, the Touch has improved dramatically, and in one area in particular – apps! There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for the iPod Touch from games to educational apps; however, since the roots of the iPod are firmly established in music, it is only fair to keep it about the music. Therefore, it has been decided to seek out the best iPod Touch music apps and place them in a top 10 list for your reading (and then downloading) pleasure.

Don’t worry iPhone owners, the iPod Touch is essentially an iPhone without the phone, they’re even confused really often, so all apps featured in the list are fully compatible with your device.

1) Pandora Radio

One of the most popular apps on iOS, Pandora Radio brings internet radio direct to your ears. It is easy to use and compiles music playlists based on your preferred genres. The free app gives you 40 hours’ worth of free music per month and if that’s not enough you can upgrade to unlimited usage for just $0.99!

2) Spotify

Spotify is quite simply the best music streaming app there is. Having this app will mean having access to just about every song under the sun and you can even listen to playlists offline. Some music artists might not like Spotify, but we certainly do!

3) Shazam

We have all been in the position where we have heard a song on television or radio and not known, or worse, couldn’t remember who sings it. Well this is where Shazam comes in. The app provides musical identification, giving you the title of a song and name of an artist after hearing just ten seconds of a song!

4) Band of the Day

If you like your new music, Band of the Day is a great app. Install this app on your iPod or iPhone and it will provide you with songs from a new band every day. As well as the songs by a certain new artist, you will see a nice little information package telling you about their music.

5) GarageBand

Ok, so we’ve talked about listening to music but what about making it? Welcome to GarageBand. This app is the ultimate song sketching solution, providing a range of Touch and Smart instruments, guitar amps, stompboxes and an eight-track sequencer – a must-have app for making music on the move.

Image Credit to :M-S-Y

Nokia Explains How To Save Drowned Phones

Despite of the price we paid for our smartphones, we always do our best to be as careful with them as possible. But unfortunately, no one is immune from accidents — no matter how careful we are, sometimes we drop our phones on the ground or into water, and unless we own one of Motorola’s rugged devices or one of those shock- and water-resistant Raku-Raku phones made in Japan, it’s a real tragedy.

Usually, when we drop our phones into water, we don’t really know what and how to do — we just stand there and panic, wasting the precious moments we could use to save the phones. That’s why Nokia has released a set of instructions explaining what and how to do after dropping a phone (particularly a Lumia 900 and 800 phone, but it will work with any other, I guess) into water. These instructions are simple and easy to remember, and if you keep them in mind and act quickly according to them, the chances are big that you’ll manage to save your phone and make it work again as if nothing had happened.

  1. First of all, don’t leave the phone in the water for a long time, get it out as soon as you can.
  2. Remove the SIM and the battery from it. If anything else can be removed, don’t hesitate, remove everything possible.
  3. Dry the phone using a towel (no hairdryer!).
  4. Leave the phone to dry overnight (or even for 48 hours).
  5. Put the battery and the SIM back and turn the phone on. If you’ve manage to do everything quickly and correctly, the phone will be OK!

Many users report that this method works not only with Nokia phones, but with devices from other manufacturers as well. One of my friends has saved his drowned HTC phone sing this method, so it really works.

The infographic below includes more detailed instructions by Nokia:

Eye-Tracking Software Capable of Reading Minds

The eyes are supposed to be the windows to the soul, and they can tell a lot about a person. Many people consider someone who speaks while looking the other person in the eye trustworthy and confident. Someone who avoids eye contact is either considered shy, or they have something to hide. They are many more aspects that can be told about a person from their eye activity than trustworthiness. Now, marketers are looking to use this to their advantage to find out exactly what people are thinking.

Slate’s John Villasenor had this to say about it:

Did our eyes linger for a few seconds on an advertisement that, in the end, we decided not to click on? How do our eyes move as they take in the contents of a page? Are there certain words, phrases, or topics that we appear to prefer or avoid? In the future, will we be served online ads based not only on what we’ve shopped for, but also on the thoughts reflected in our eye movements?

Apple has already applied for a patent to create an eye-tracking device for iPhones and iPads that will understand what each blink a person makes represents, and to pay attention to whether eyes focus on a certain word or image. The European company Senseye is already preparing to install eye-tracking software into smartphones sometime next year.

This is just one more way of turning the consumers into a product. These companies will use the information they gather and sell it to many different marketing companies. These front-facing cameras will not only pay attention to what the user is reading online, but it will assess how that information is read. This will give marketers an idea about what types of adds to send that person’s way.

At the moment the technology has not been fully developed to be this nosey, but it is only a matter of time before someone has worked it out. Most companies that are considering this technology are hoping to have it available by 2015.

It really does seem that more and more companies are considering their customers’ privacy to be of little importance. If it has really come to the point where a phone cannot be owned without the manufacturer being able to assess every thought that the owner thinks about a product, they might have finally gone too far.

Tips to Choose the Best Suited Mobile Device for Your Child

Nowadays cell phones has become the first priority of everyone, even small kids need their own personal mobile phones. Then the matter of concern for parents is what kind of cell phone is apt for their kid. Some parents are against giving a phone to their children before certain age limit, but due to the demands of time it is beneficial also to provide them one. As mobile phones for children is not only a fun thing for them but also a tracking device fro parents to know about the whereabouts of their children. Even in case of any emergency if a child is carrying a mobile phone, then it will convenient for him to contact his parents.

So the big question arises here for parents are that what kind of cell phones is best suited for their child. How they should choose the best phone. There are hundreds of options available in the market which one is right for their children. So let’s discuss some tips which will help you to select the best and the right option for your child.

Select the Cheapest Ones:

In their growing age children are learning how to take care of their belongings. So giving them fancy and high price phone should be big NO. If your child is young then select the low price phone for him, not because you do not want to give good thing to your child but because of other precautionary or sensible reasons.

As it is a common habit of young children to lose their things. So if they drop their low price possession then it is of no big thing. Secondly seeing a high price phone with your child, people with bad intentions of theft can harm your child to take away his phone. So the cheap options are the best one.

Phone with Parental features:

Choose a phone with low features for your kids. As the prime motive of your giving a cell phone to your child is to make and receive call from him. Check the phone with features like parental control, feature with which you can restrict your child’s incoming and outgoing calls.

Select a Durable and Resistant Phone

Kids like fancy things, so try to get phone with bright colors. One can accessorize the cell phone with mobile skins; select the phone which has kid’s themes skins available in it. Select the light in weight options as it will be easy for the child to carry it. It is quite obvious that children will drop their cell phone many times in a day, so select the ones are with high durability and resistance.

After selecting the device, then also select the best option of mobile plans for your kid. In which you can take care of their usage.

These few tips which one should keep on mind when selecting a mobile device for their kids. Image Credit: IAN JONES

This Camera Can See Around Corners Using Lasers

As a Private Investigator, I have to stay up to date with the newest cameras that are out in the field. Having the best camera helps you get the best evidence and video of your subjects, but sometimes things get in the way. You have no idea how many times I sit in my vehicle waiting to get the “money shot,” when out of nowhere comes a delivery truck and parks in front of my target and blocks my view.

During one of those cases I had this day dream about how cool it would be for a camera to be able to bend light and record the other side of walls, or trucks – and thanks to a group of scientist, that day dream may soon become a reality.

They were able to get a camera to record through walls, not by seeing through them, but by bouncing light from other objects, then bouncing the light from the objects back to the camera. Sounds tricky, but it makes a lot of sense when you watch the video I posted below.

Andres Velten, the study lead author on this project, says, “There is no new physics here – improvements are just a matter of laser, camera and computer technologies that are constantly improving.” The camera shoots lasers into a wall, the lasers then bounce in every direction until they hit something else – in this case the small model – once they hit something they bounce back towards the first point of impact and from there they bounce back to the camera. The camera gathers these reflections, feeds them into a computer that pieces them all together and recreates the 3d Model.

If you look at the video, you can see that the image is a bit off, you don’t get the real “color” details or even the kinds of details that you would get with an 8bit Gameboy Camera. Instead, the model that the computer reproduces looks more like a model that’s made out of clay, but the mere fact that they managed to record and picture an object across a wall by using light is impressive. [USA Today]

A Dog’s Personal Heating and Cooling Unit for his Dog House

Dogs are very good at adapting to changing temperatures, they love being outside, and even in a hot day, their bodies stay cool. Yea, the temperature may be 80 degrees outside, but that’s their kind of weather.

I love dogs, and owning an English Bulldog was not easy, you have to shower them, and take extra care of them because of possible “problems” they may get in their older years, but I can’t recall ever having an air conditioner inside his dog house.

Some pet owners go above and beyond when it comes to making their pets as comfortable as possible. These owners go as far as buying them their own personal cooler/heater for their pet homes, but that’s just insane. Take this Climate Right’s dedicated heating and air conditioning unit for dog houses.

For a little under $600 you can buy your dog his own cooling unit, and for that price, I think I would much rather have the dog inside than keep him out there. You simply hook up the appliance onto an electrical socket and you’re done – then you can sit inside watching your dog not care one bit about the air conditioner laying around next to a tree. I’m sure this is different if you have a dog that’s not used to cold climates and it starts to snow outside, but even then, a Wal-Mart $19.99 heater can get the job done.  [Via The Fancy]