This Robot Can Control Your Human Body to Achieve It’s Goals

When I hear about “more” advanced robots, I think about technology that’s going to allow me to ride a bot around town. But a French research team from Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics, and Microelectronics decided to turn this idea upside down. Instead of giving us the power to control bots, they gave the bots the power to control US.

You read that right, these robots can control us now. The technology is currently being developed as part of Project Assist. This project has one simple goal, to ultimately give researchers and other scientist the ability to create robots that will assist quadriplegic people move around their environment with ease. I can clearly see where and how this would be beneficial for society, but at the same time, this is a creepy type of technology.

In the experiment from the video I listed above, the robot was given the goal to transfer a ball from a human arm through a basketball hoop. The team attached electronic sensors and electrodes into a human test subject. The robot then “took over” the human arm by sending electric shock signals to the arm. The robot was able to fully control the human arm into surrendering the basketball.

When the robot performed the task for the IEEE – International Conference of Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) – they just “gasped” at what they were seeing. They of coursed had hundreds of questions, one even asked if the procedure was safe and if the procedure was uncomfortable for the test subject, the lead researcher – Bruno Vilhena Adorno – Said eh “you get used to it” which leads me to believe that this is the beginning of the end… Adorno is clearly already under Robotic Control.

via IEEE Spectrum via Engadget

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger – LED Eye Lashes Of Course!

By know, were all to familiar with the crazy concepts that Japan, Korea, China, and any other Asian country pulls out of their magical hat. But when it comes to the extremes that we go to achieve the perfect ideal look of beauty, we tend to come up with some, not so practical gadgets. At least these light-up eyelashes  aren’t permanent.

In a unique response to what they call the “big eye obsession,” this designer/artist named  Soomi Park  created a set of light-up lashes that are designed to open up smaller eye shapes. The whole idea behind the LED Lashes is to make people with little eyes, appear as if they are coming out of an Anime cartoon, where the characters have eyes the size of oranges.

But instead they look like a refugee from a sci-fi Cosplay convention. Using a mercury device that senses inclination attached to an earpiece, Park’s battery-powered lashes react to eye and head movement and flicker accordingly. So they are pretty cool when it comes to electronics, but from the video I posted above, they just look out of place and weird…

Batteries that charge 10x faster and last 10x longer just 5-years out, scientists say

Carrying a battery charger in your purse, having a car battery charger plugged into you AC plug, and having at least two electric sockets crowding your wall may soon become a thing of the past. Scientist at Northwestern University are tweaking lithium-ion batteries to last 10 times longer and charge up to 10 times faster than the current batteries that we have today. BBC reported recently that the technology could be available in as little as 5 years. So how does it work?

Well, apparently by pocking thousands of holes that have a 20-40 nanometer radius, you can change the movement and density of the lithium ion cells enough to increase the charge time and lower the charging time of any battery. The Northwestern University made a prototype that can fully charge in as little as 15 minutes and the battery lasts en entire week on that single charge.

I’m not sure about you, but I think that EVEN if we have these kinds of batteries, we’re still going to have our phones on one bar because we’re going to be too lazy to charge our phones. Dr. Harold Kung, the scientist in charge of the research, said that even after 150 charges, you can get one year or more of operation out of your battery. This batteries are still going to hold five times more power than our current lithium ion batteries. The sad part, is that after the battery reaches 150 charges, the life time rapidly begins to decline, but that’s a given when you’re coming up with new technology.

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Liquid Repellent Superhydrophobic Coating Repels Everything, Even Chocolate Syrup

It never fails, every freaking time you get something new, you mess it up within the first two hours of purchase. “Hey dude check out my new phone! I got it earlier today, disregard the giant crack on the side, I dropped it after getting it out of the box…” But this bad luck goes with everything, including shoes, especially if they are white. But thanks to NeverWet, you’ll be able to live a stain free stress life for months at a time.

NeverWet was developed by Ross Nanotechnology to allow any type of fluid, liquid, and even oils to slide off machinery, materials, and even electronics. The superhydrophobic silicon coating creates a 160 degree angle over your product. This angle makes it impossible for liquids to get attached to anything. From the video above, chocolate syrup slips off the front of a white pair of shoes without leaving the smallest of a mark.  If you check out their website, you can see them use cover an iphone in this coating to make it waterproof. Finally, dropping ketchup on your white kicks is not going to break your style! Via NeverWet via CNET

The “Gamer” Simulator Has Come to Life

When “Gamer” came out in 2009, the instant thought I had was “wow this is a bad ass future for gaming” well, it would be if they weren’t using jailed inmates. But just recently a UK based TV show called “the Gadget Show” decided that they wanted to create a simulator that brings “Gamer” to our modern day Battle Field 3 – battle field.

The whole setup took about 6 weeks and $650,000 dollars  to build. the show used the Igloo Vision, a 360º projection dome with 5 HD projectors, to help you see your surroundings in the game. The details achieved with this projects are amazing, you can tell the difference between a grape and a raisin as good as day and night.

The show then added an omni-directional treadmill with IR motion-tracking, to help you walk around you dome without actually going anywhere and by adding  ambient lighting that actually changes as you walk through the game, they couldn’t make the experience any more realistic. To top things off, they added an incredible surround sound that lets you hears the bullets swoosh by your head.

You can also forget about the remote control, they used a set of Kinects to actually track your movements in the dome and replicate them  in the game. you can throw grenades, and even drag friends across the field by reaching out and graving them from their pack.  The remote was replaced by a plastic gun that has tracking beacons to help you aim. And to add a bit of reality to the simulator, they added 6 paintball guns that will shoot at your body every time you get shot.

All of these systems working together actually make this a fun experience, not to mention a scary one. Having a set of paintball guns aiming at your face as you walk around the terrain is not a pretty site. At least in Battle Field the experience is not that bad since a simple three shot burst can kill you. I would turn off the paintball guns if you’re going to play Halo, I don’t want to feel 80 different shots all over my body before my shields begin to go down.

AeroShot Pure Energy: The Fastest Way to Get a Cafeine High

You see these shotgun shell looking things? they don’t hurt you, instead, they help you… about as much as full cup of coffee. The AeroShot cartridges provide as much caffeine in one shell as a large cup of strong extra black coffee. Each cartridge contains about six puffs of fine powder that is composed of vitamin B and 100 milligrams of caffeine. This is the perfect cure for a hangover, all you need is one of these bad boys when you’re having a bad morning and you’re good to go! I’m not sure if they have a crash, but like any other energy product, the crash is probably still going to be there … and if you’re not careful, you may get to much caffeine and have a REALLY bad crash.

The “powder” doesn’t taste like anything, allegedly, and it’s designed solely to give you an instant boost of energy. It was created by David Edwards, a Harvard professor with the help of Tom Hadfield. They started a company called Breathable Foods to get them to the public. The shots are going to be available some time in the next 3 months starting in New York and Boston, hopefully they’ll get enough funding to ship them everywhere in the US.

[AeroShot via Cool Hunting

Self-Cleaning Cloth Breakthrough: Quickly Becomes a Man’s Best Friend!

Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to our brand new best friend: The Self Cleaning Cloth! Imagine everything we could use this for? clothing that cleans it self, underwear that never goes dirty, that’s right, self cleaning underwear!

This cloth can actually clean it self without having to scrub and rub off the dirtiness. I know what you’re thinking, this is to good, can this really be real? well of course it is. The clothing gets this amazing capability thanks to a chemical compound called 2-anthraqunone carboxylic acid or 2-ACQ. This compound was developed by some researchers out in the  University of California: Davis.

But it wasn’t until Ning Liu, who came up with a method to incorporate 2-ACQ into cotton fabric, that he actually developed the self cleaning fabric. He said “the new fabric has potential applications in biological and chemical protective clothing for health care, food processing and farmworkers, as well as military personnel.”

The compound actually attaches to cotton in such a way that it’s almost impossible to remove, then when this compound is exposed to light, it begins to produce oxygen species like hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals that actually kill bacteria and destroy compounds like particles and toxins. The end result is a clean piece of cloth. The Cloth may still look dirty due to sand and other stains, but ti will be clean!

via medGadget and Oh Gizmo!

Steven Spielberg-backed Halo movie back on, hits theaters in 2012

If you are a Halo fan, then you can rejoice…again…for the umpteenth time. The Halo movie is set to be released on theaters in 2012 thanks to Steven Spieldberg’s Dreamworks. The news came with a single release on a fresh site and translated by HBO. If this is actually true, this means that the movie should hit theaters in 2012.

Details about who is going to be directing the movie is still up in the clouds. In the past we had Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp onboard, then they threw the film down the drain. Hopefully, the movie will stay on track and we get to see it on theaters. The video above is a short from 2007 called Halo 3: Landfall which was put together by Neill Blomkamp a couple of years ago. It’s a mix between the three shorts – which is just a 9 minute teaser if you are a fan of the Halo Universe. I’ve seen some great fan made costumes, I can’t wait to see what they come up with! and NeoGAF, via VG247