Scientist are Developing a Device to Unlock your Computer with your Heartbeat

Anonymous made a very good point when they said that all passwords are hackable. You can’t ever really be 100% secure, passwords are a problem that for the most part, will never go away. It doesn’t matter how secure, long, or protected you believe your password is, if a hacker really wants to get into a webpage or system, given enough time, they will manage to break into it. But if a group of researchers have it their way, some day we may have a password that is unique to each one of us and the only way to hack it is by taking our heart.

The researchers are playing around with the idea of using the human heart beat and associating the beat with an encryption key, by taking your heart’s ECG reading from a person’s hand, they can extract the signature beat of the heart and generate the password needed to unlock your device.

This should be ultra-secure, in theory, but what happens if you’re running or you’re minutes away from turning in your midterm paper but your heart is racing because of how nervous you are? Well, according to Chun-Liang Lin from the National Chung Hsing University in Taichung, Taiwan, the human heart never repeats the same pattern. The encryption scheme is based on a very sophisticated math algorithm that can figure out when the user is the right user based on missed beats, length of beats, and other small tale tale signs.

The goal is to build the system into hard drives that will use a device to detect your heart beat almost instantaneously to unlock your device. Via NewScientist

DHM: The Hangover Cure Pill – It’s like the Morning After Pill, for Alcohol

I hate the horrible feeling associated with drinking. A night out with our friends usually ends up with a horrible morning after – but researchers are working on the morning after pill for alcohol.

The pill is spiked up with a natural chemical called dihydromyricetin, or DHM, it comes from a Chinese raisin tree. The Chinese have been using this tree for about 500 years to cure hang overs symptoms from excessive drinking. Naturally, researchers began to look into the composition of the tree to figure out exactly what part of the tree helped in the healing process – and then turn it into a pill for a profit.

They extracted the DHM Chemical and tested it on drunk rats with surprising results – they went from drunk, to not, in 5 minutes. Jing Liang, the lead researcher in the study, said that DHM will reduce the degree of drunkenness for the amount of alcohol drunk. So while this pill doesn’t completely get rid of the hangover symptoms, it greatly decreases them. You could have 10 beers, and feel as if you only drank 1. Eventually, Liang wants this pill to reduce an alcoholic’s desire for alcohol since you’ll practically only be drinking water.

In my opinion, is just going to make them drink more. If people know that there is a pill that can instantly reduce the amount of alcohol in your system in 5 minutes or less, they will get drunk, and then take the pill when it comes time to go home. You may have less accidents on the road, but since the pill only controls the symptoms of alcohol, the medical implications are still something to worry about – kidney failure being one of them

In Liang’s tests, the rats were injected with the equivalent of a human drinking 15 to 20 beers in two hours. If left untreated, the rats would take up to 70 minutes to get back on their feet. After a milligram of DHM, per kilogram of rat bodyweight was added to the equation, the rats would get back up on their feet in just 5 minutes.

The good thing about DHM is that it actually neutralizes some of the “crappy” hangover symptoms. Usually, when a person suffers from a hangover, his desire to do anything is shut down. The rats go through the same symptoms. When they are drunk, and they place them in a maze, the rats coward away in a corner and go to sleep. But when they are treated with DHM, the rats behave like any other rat would – DHM revives their inquisitiveness to reach the end of the maze. It’s as if they only drank water the night before.

Lastly, the rats that were addicted to alcohol were given DHM, afterwards, the researchers gave them an option to drink sweet tasting alcohol, or sweet tasting water. They found that the rats treated with DHM would drink more sweetened water over sweetened alcohol.

If this cure actually works in humans as well as it has been working in rats, the researchers may finally have found a way to cure alcoholism – or in my cases, horrible morning after experiences. Via: New Scientist

Device to Find Your Keys, Gadgets, and Gear

Imagine having the ability to find your keys, gadgets, gear, or anything around you. By looking through a viewing glass that tells you “hey dumb mass” here is you key! Well, this futuristic viewing glass is going to use an RFID sticker to track down your lost items.

You simply stick the RFID stickeronto your item and then look around with the cellphone looking glass and it circles the location of the item. It will display arrows telling you to look to the right, left, up, down, until you get to the location where your keys are located. It’s a great concept, but unfortunately it’s not anywhere near being completed yet.

The technology is there, now it’s just a matter of implementing it together. All I can say is, I can’t wait for this to be real I lose my keys more than enough times around my house.

The $130 Million Maltese Falcon Speed Yacht is Basically a Sail Boat on Steroids

You don’t need to be a Sail Boat aficionado to appreciate how awesome this extra luxurious super sail boat really is. The Maltese Falcon, a 289 foot long by 40 feet wide sail boat, with the ability to travel at 18+ knots and valued at $130 million, is perhaps the most advanced sail  boat around. The boat can sail with up to 12 guests; it has fiver lower decks with staterooms and one upper deck VIP cabin.

It has two 32 foot RIB tenders, four laser sailing boats, and a 14 foot Castold jet tender. The Maltese Falcon is the third largest sailing yacht in the world. If  you don’t know one bit about sailing, don’t worry, the yacht comes with the Falcon Rig, a DynaRig sailing system that can adjust those 20 story high masts with the push of a button. No more heavy duty sailing, why push and pull sails around when you could push a simple button and at the same time enjoy the view from the state of the art cabin drinking champagne with your ladies?

Mobile Mag

Scientists Break Internet Speed Record

Imagine having the ability to send the entire contents of your hard drive across the state in a matter of seconds – that would be pretty sweet right? Well, it’s now possible to do just that.

Researchers broke the internet speed record when they were able to transfer data at a staggering 186 gigabits per second. In case you’re wondering – that’s really fast. That’s the equivalent of downloading a full movie almost instantaneously, or sending 100,000 Blu-Ray disks in less than a day.

This new record beats the last record from 2009 by 67 gigabits. The test was conducted in November and it involved sending data between the University of Victoria and the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. This new ability is going to lay the building blocks for faster ways of transferring large quantities of data around the world.  Read More at the Global Post

Researchers Used an MRI Machine to Teach You Anything You Want to Know!

You remember that part in the Matrix where Neo is hooked up to the “Matrix” and he instantly learns Kung Fu? That’s a bunch of science fiction, or, it was science fiction… until some researchers found a way to actually do that same thing using an MRI – if you’re thinking about going into the Teaching field, your job may became obsolete in the next couple of decades. Soon, we’ll all know everything Wikipedia has to offer in a matter of hours.

A while back I had a story talking about UC Berkeley researchers using an MRI to make videos out of your dreams and thoughts. Well, a couple of American and Japanese researchers joined forces to experiment with that same technology and they actually discovered that the technology works both ways. They found a way to use the functional MRI to generate patterns inside of your brain, these patterns are then used to teach you new things – like Kung Fu

So how exactly does this machine work? Well, you basically go out and find a person that is very good at doing something that requires high performance from your visual nerve endings (eyes)  – something like dodging a ball or catching a baseball. You place them inside an fMRI machine and then record their brain waves when they visualize catching the ball, or dodging the punch. Once the MRI pops out the graph and information about what’s going on inside their brains, the scientist create a program and store it into a computer.

Then you, the inexperience baseball catching or punch dodging person, comes into the picture. They place you inside of the MRI and rig the machine to induce the punch dodging or ball catching image that was recorded from the professional using something that’s called “Neurofeedback.” Your brain basically learns how to do the same actions by becoming familiar with the same pattern – and that’s the same pattern that happens when you are learning something new…. You basically speed up the process form a few years (the time it takes to becoming a pro) down to a few hours.

So, there you have it, next time you want to become a professional kung fu fighter, as long as you have the athletic body, you can learn the moves in a couple of hours! While this technology is more for learning physical movements, eventually the technology may advance to a stage where we could learn intellectual knowledge like Wikipedia or even another language.

Science and NSF, via io9

The 700 WTF Rifle Talk About Overkill

If you’ve ever shot a .50 caliber rifle then you know that you just shot one hell of a bullet that can take just about anything it touches down. If you’ve shot an Elephant gun, then you know that you’ve shot something equally as powerful. But if you’ve shot the .70-caliber hand canon, then you know that those guns are for first graders – this gun can punch a hole through Godzilla him self!

This rifle was made by JTCustomKnives, they used a .700 lead cast bullet fitted inside a .50 BMG brass case. The rounds exit the rifle at about 2300 feet per second, and have enough power behind the bullet to pierce through a quarter inch of steel plating. The riffle is a single shot rifle, so it’s not going to be that reliable in battle, unless you’re going against Michael Myers or that cop from the Terminator.

The riffle is a little difficult to reload, unlike the .50 caliber rifles that have are designed as bolt action, the 700 rifle requires you to quite literally insert the bullet through the rear of the barrel.

First time shoulder firing my monster creation. this is with .700 cal slugs that weigh 1132gr which means you only get 6 boolits out of a pound of lead. this slug was loaded with what i would consider a mid level load at about 1600fps starting and up around 1800fps towards the end. This can and will be loaded up to 2300fps in the future. the recoil energy of this rifle without the break is around 150 ft/lbs.

The Firearm Blog via Gizmodo

The Basics on Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage Systems

For years, computer users have been plagued with the same restricting problem of insufficiency in storage space to handle their huge amounts of data. In the past, computer users were even forced to delete large memory folders containing years of data to give way to new bits of information. Although this isn’t a big deal if the data you delete are only for entertainment purposes and can be downloaded again from the web, it is still hassling to have to be limited with the data you are allowed to save on your computer or laptop, considering the advancements in the industry of technology that we have access to these days.

Although the use of hardware devices is a viable means of gaining extra storage space, it may still restrict access to the information whenever devices and an internet connection is not accessible. Fortunately, computer users of today’s world can gain access to a unique software-based solution that may be the answer to this age old problem that has served as a downfall of computers. Cloud computing services are now the hottest trends on the industry of computers and media. SO what is it? And how can you avail this service? Cloud storage systems involve the delivery of computing as a service and not a good or product. Moreover, this computing service provides computers and other devices with easier and faster access to shared media resources, software and other data formats thinkable. For the average user, this may range from music files, movies and applications while for a small business, this may range from spreadsheets, presentations and other business documents that are important and worth storing.

Cloud computing systems are composed of several key attributes that can greatly benefit a business or individual. One major benefit is its empowerment of computing resources to the end user by means of putting the supplying of those resources in the company’s own management as compared to the management of a controlled IT database service. Another characteristic it has is agility. Agility enhances with the user’s ability to resupply advanced infrastructure resources. Cost is another key component of the service as it drastically reduces and the public cloud delivery system capital expenditures are modified into operational expenditures. In terms of maintenance, cloud storage system applications are more simple and easier since they do not require installation on each computer or device. Performance of the service is also strictly monitored, and reliable and loosely matched architectures are designed with the use of web services as the main interface.