Little Kid Pulling a Tooth Using a Toy Nerf Gun

What happens when the wife is away? Well, this father films his son pull a tooth off his mouth using a Nerf gun, this kid ties a string to his tooth, and then attaches the other end of the string to his Nerf Bow Gun. He then loads the gun using his foot and aims away – You have to pay close attention because this happens to fast that you will miss the actual extraction moment.

I don’t think he felt any pain either, he was concerned about it hurting but after shooting he says – “it woiked” – which translates into “I can’t believe this freaking worked!” the same can’t be said for this little girl who can’t deal with the pain. I love how the mother walks her through the whole process – “give it some slack!” if you wait till the 1:56 mark you can hear the most demonic laugh from her mother – “YEEEESSSS MUAH HA HA”

A Great Idea for What to Do With the Pennies Left on Your Giftcards

Gift cards are an amazing last minute gift for when you need to get someone something on the fly. Were all too familiar with gift cards by now, but have you ever wonder how stores make money from the gift card sales?

Here is how they work:

When you purchase a $50 card, the store gives you a $50 credit towards the purchase of anything on the store. When your special someone gets the card, they then go back to the store and buy something with the gift card. This “something” is not going to be worth $50 even, sometimes it’s worth $47 with tax or much less. The remaining $3 is so insignificant that we really don’t care to keep the card anymore, so we either throw it away or never use it again until the card expires. These $3 extra dollars that you didn’t spend is profit for the store because someone already gave them $50 but sold $47 in return.

These cards are found everywhere, Grocery stores, malls, electronic stores, Kinkos, subway Trains, even library cards – I’m sure you are familiar with the experience of being left with 20 cents on a card. I personally never use them again, or throw them away. In any case, there is still money stored in the cards that could go to good use. Three enterprising graduate students at NYU’s Interactive Communications Program want to drain every last penny from the cards and put them to good use.

They’ve put together a prototype for a system they call the Metro Change, this system currently only works for the NYC metro system cards, but this is the early building frame of something that could be very helpful.

The small kiosk on the video has a card reader on the top of panel, once you slide the card it asks you if you want to donate the remainder of the card’s value, you then press a button to agree and the funds are given to a charity, you can then throw the card into the recycling box so it can be sent to recycling plants. This is a great idea until someone hacks the box and transfers the money to Bob’s fund my keg party foundation.

Facebook to Introduce Ads on your News Feed in 2012

Advertisements are a necessary evil to keep a website up and running, on my site alone I have 5 different advertisement placements, this covers for up-keep of the site and hosting prices. But there is a thing as to many ads; I personally hate websites that have in-link ads. Sites that have an advertisement everywhere you put your cursor on, and sites that have pop-up advertisements that you have to slash through before you get to the actual content.

Facebook is no different than every site on the web, their advertisements are found on the side bar and on the commenting area, but starting  in 2012 Facbook is going to start showing ads in a very intrusive area of the page – The news feed. From a business point, this is a great move for Facebook, someone is going to see the advertisement, but from a user’s point of view, this is going to get annoying fast – the image at the bottom is an example of how this new advertisement is going to look.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is only going to show one advertisement per day, which is tolerable. You can close it if you like, but there won’t be any opting out. So the next day, a new ad will appear on your feed.

There really is no reason to get angry over this because one more ad per day is not going to be that big of a deal, plus when you like a brand and that brand makes a status update you pretty much get an advertisement anyway, and lastly, if you want Facebook to continue on being free this is what we have to put up with. Here is something else too, if you don’t like it, you can always stop using Facebook, but how long will THAT last?

Come to think about it… it looks like those images that everyone on my news feed is posting left and right.

Workers Trying to Stop a Concrete Machine Fail

How many workers does it take to stop a concrete buffer? not enough. This YouTube video shows a concrete buffer spinning around like crazy it starts off a little slow. But after a couple of seconds it starts to go into the next level. More and more workers come to the aid of the first ones until they start to come up with some ingenious ways to stop this thing. Unfortunately, they all fail – but finally they subdue the beast.

It is Okay for You to Sue Facebook Because You Liked Something

Facebook is all over the internet, every single area of the net has some sort of “like” button in the page for you to like what you’re seeing or reading. Earlier today a California judge ruled that it is okay for you to sue Facebook for showing your picture in an ad.

According to the plaintiffs in this lawsuit, they are being “economically injured by the misappropriation of their names, photographs, and likes” when everyone in their wall can see that they liked a brand, a drink, or a place.

Here is the thing, if I saw my name and picture on an advertisement for a brand that I like, I would be more than honored to be on that TV spot! I would have a party and have all my friends over waiting for that ad to broad cast again. Why? Because I LIKE the brand! Facebook already lined up their lawyers and responded with a simple line – They are covered by California’s newsworthiness exemption. Which is true, no one is forcing you to click or thumbs up a story, it’s your own fault you clicked on a like button to have it show up in your “news feed” to begin with.

Every site has “like” buttons, when you click on the like, it’s going to show up on your feed almost immediately. This action is public, and anyone is going to be able to see that you like that new cologne by Britney Spears, or that one weird website that you visit all the time. If you don’t want facebook to show these stories on your wall, don’t like them.  This has the same weight as you going on your facebook wall and saying “I love to kill baby seals” and then suing facebook because they allowed your friends to see that status.

You need to remember that facebook is a curated website, anything that you write on the site is going to be remembered for the rest of the internet’s existence. When I click a “like” I’m not wanting to keep it secret, as a matter of fact, it’s the contrary – I want all my friends to see that I like puppies – I wanted my wife to see that I liked Zales and Engagement rings.

Facebook is not faking our likes, it is up to us to determine whether or not we want to tell the world we like something. If you go to an adult website and click on the like button, you’re doing it for one of two reasons. 1) you want the world to know you’re into that site. 2) you support the website enough to tell all your friends about it.

Plain and simple, if you like a page, a brand, a drink, an object, and you click on Like you are now responsible for the click. If you didn’t want your opinion known, then stop clicking the damn blue buttons- Via: Bloomberg

The $130 Million Maltese Falcon Speed Yacht is Basically a Sail Boat on Steroids

You don’t need to be a Sail Boat aficionado to appreciate how awesome this extra luxurious super sail boat really is. The Maltese Falcon, a 289 foot long by 40 feet wide sail boat, with the ability to travel at 18+ knots and valued at $130 million, is perhaps the most advanced sail  boat around. The boat can sail with up to 12 guests; it has fiver lower decks with staterooms and one upper deck VIP cabin.

It has two 32 foot RIB tenders, four laser sailing boats, and a 14 foot Castold jet tender. The Maltese Falcon is the third largest sailing yacht in the world. If  you don’t know one bit about sailing, don’t worry, the yacht comes with the Falcon Rig, a DynaRig sailing system that can adjust those 20 story high masts with the push of a button. No more heavy duty sailing, why push and pull sails around when you could push a simple button and at the same time enjoy the view from the state of the art cabin drinking champagne with your ladies?

Mobile Mag

Brain-Eating Amoeba In Tap Water Kills Two In Lousiana

If you’re easily paranoid, don’t read this article. The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals issued a warning that looked like it came straight out of a science fiction book: If you’re going to irrigate your sinuses [shoving water down your nose like the picture to the bottom right], don’t use tap water. Why? Because your brain may get infected with Naegleria Fowleri – better known as The Brain Eating Amoeba – the weird looking thing on the picture to the left. This amoeba actually kills you, its responsible for two deaths in the state already. They were infected after they irrigated their sinuses with tap water.

The amoeba is a micro-organism that is usually found in lakes, hot springs, ponds, an any other place that has warm water. The strange thing about this amoeba is that you can drink as much of it as you want, as long as it doesn’t come out of your nose or intake the water through your nose.

According to the Louisiana Department of Health, when you put water up your nose, the amoeba will attack your nervous system until you’re dead. The bad thing is that your chances of survival are… 2 percent. Basically, if you’re infected you better start making calls to the make a wish foundation.

Immediately after getting infected you will start to get the symptoms, your taste and smell will be out of whack, you will have fever, nausea, and headaches. Then it will work its way down to your neck area, you’ll start to have a stiff neck, you’ll start vomiting, and start to suffer from seizures. Eventually you’ll start to experience confusion and hallucinations, and two weeks after exposure you’re dead.  – I’m not even exaggerating.

If you’re from Louisiana, or other parts of the world and perform this Nasal Irrigation Procedure – try to be careful with where you get your water from. Even if you think it’s safe, try to boil it first just in case. If you irrigate your nasal cavities, and start to feel any of the symptoms, don’t panic. Unless you’re from LA, then I may suggest you call the nearest hospital – Yahoo

The 700 WTF Rifle Talk About Overkill

If you’ve ever shot a .50 caliber rifle then you know that you just shot one hell of a bullet that can take just about anything it touches down. If you’ve shot an Elephant gun, then you know that you’ve shot something equally as powerful. But if you’ve shot the .70-caliber hand canon, then you know that those guns are for first graders – this gun can punch a hole through Godzilla him self!

This rifle was made by JTCustomKnives, they used a .700 lead cast bullet fitted inside a .50 BMG brass case. The rounds exit the rifle at about 2300 feet per second, and have enough power behind the bullet to pierce through a quarter inch of steel plating. The riffle is a single shot rifle, so it’s not going to be that reliable in battle, unless you’re going against Michael Myers or that cop from the Terminator.

The riffle is a little difficult to reload, unlike the .50 caliber rifles that have are designed as bolt action, the 700 rifle requires you to quite literally insert the bullet through the rear of the barrel.

First time shoulder firing my monster creation. this is with .700 cal slugs that weigh 1132gr which means you only get 6 boolits out of a pound of lead. this slug was loaded with what i would consider a mid level load at about 1600fps starting and up around 1800fps towards the end. This can and will be loaded up to 2300fps in the future. the recoil energy of this rifle without the break is around 150 ft/lbs.

The Firearm Blog via Gizmodo