What would Happen if Apple Buys Hulu?

So there is this rumor going around that Apple is thinking about joining into the bidding war for the acquisition of Hulu. According to Deadline, the deal would come with a 2 year exclusive rights from the content provider involved and at minimum 5 years of programing guaranteed.

We all know that Apple is very good at bringing us media, so hulu would actually get a revamp to their service. The only problem is that Apple also LOVES to charge you as much as possible so the price might go up if that is the case. There are several things apple could use Hulu, for starters they could incorporate the service into their cellphones. But more importantly, Hulu would be an awesome compliment for the Apple TV.

Technically speaking, we would be given the option of having Hulu, iTunes, and Videos on the television, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Since this is currently just a rumor I’m just basing this article on previous experiences with Apple products.

Google+ Spam Bot Automatically Adds you to Circles

Checkout this video, an Australian programer named Robert Norris Hills uploaded a video to youtube that automatically adds people to designated circles. The bot actually ads up to 1000 people every 5 minutes to a spammers circles. So what’s going to happen when Google+ opens up it’s doors to the rest of the world?

Check out the video below to see the first version of the bot add 2500 friends automatically. PS… since this video pretty much went viral across many blogs, this guy is probably a couple of more blog posts from being banned from google.

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BDlot DVD Review: DVD Cloning Software – Fully clone your DVD’s

Have you ever wanted to copy or clone a  movie from your collection either because your DVD was getting old, or it had to many scratches, but didn’t know how or where to start? Or perhaps you need to do a back up copy of your family videos to share them with your family? well, we recently had the opportunity to try out BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate from LotSoft, Inc., a new multimedia software company.

The software worked like a charm, it performed just like it said it would. BDlot Ultimate DVD actually removes all the DVD protections and copies a DVD with the exact same contents as the original to a Hard Drive. BDlot DVD costs $30 bucks, which isn’t that bad for all the features that it comes packed with. Plus, it pays for it self after the first movie… depending on what movie it is of course…

BDlot’s primary feature is to copy DVD to DVD 100%, put one DVD on the Computer Reader, the other on the burner, and copy straight to the new DVD. This feature was surprisingly fast, it finished a 2 hour movie in about 14 minutes or so, depending on how fast your computer is, you might get it to copy faster.

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is a brand new generation DVD backup software. It stands out from peer products with the unique GPU acceleration and sector-by-sector copying technologies, which help you to enjoy a real sense of DVD backup without any video or audio quality loss in a super fast speed.

Some of the Features that really caught my eyes:

– Clone Entire DVD to Blank DVD: no quality loss at all, save your time and energy.
– Remove All KnBDlot DVD Clone Ultimateown DVD Protections: It shows breakthrough performance to backup homemade and commercial DVDs with CSS, CPRM, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, SONY ARccOS, Rip-Guard, Disney X-DRM protection etc.
– Backup Full Content of DVD to Hard Drive or USB.
– Backup DVD Main Movie to Save More Space: Enables to extract main title or any chapters from DVD to single MPEG2 files to save storage space to backup DVD on hard drive and watch your favorite parts directly.
– Burn to Blank DVD in an Easy and Fast Way.
– Create Your Own Perfect DVD Backups of Raw Content with Ease: Unique Sector-to-Sector copying technology and GPU accelerating technology guarantee a perfect combination of a genuine and fast DVD clone.
– Flexible Virtual DVD Drive Simplifies Your Work
– High Compatibility and Good Stability Light Your Everyday Life

Free Giveaway

So we’re going to save you the $30 and giveaway a free copy of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate for our readers.

You can active this product for free (worth $29.95) with the special license code generated for our readers below:

The license code is only available to active before August 1,  2011. You can download here, then leave us a message and let us know how you liked it!

Is Anonymous Building their Own Social Network?

Google+, Facebook, MySpace, and now Anon-cial? Well, Anonymous, the loose collective of hackers is actually making a social network for some unknown reason. The decision was made after Google+ kept them from starting their own news group. I’m still not sure why they need to make a social network. I guess they are going to use the network to share and dump information in a private area.

They could use twitter like LulzSec, but the only problem is that everyone can see what they are dumping. At least this way, they can share information without the world knowing what they are doing. I wonder if anyone will be able to join? and if Anonymous will have profiles? so much for staying anonymous uh?

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Is Microsoft Pulling the Switch on Windows?

For the past 25 years Microsoft Window’s has been leading the Computer Market in sales. Every time they come up with their newer version of Windows, it looks the exact same way as the previous version, with a couple of “cleaner” looking icons and bars. So when Microsoft announced that it was releasing Windows 8, I figured it would be a revamped version of Windows 7… instead they came up with a completely redesigned operating system.

Windows has been trying to come up with an Operating System that is able to work on all of their devices– Computers, Laptops, Cellphones, X-Box, Tablets, and Televisions. The system would have the ability to sync all of the devices without having to use different software for each. In theory, this should be cheaper and easier to use than having a Windows Computer, trying to Sync up to a Windows Cellphone.But since they don’t have a system already running, they have to make one from the ground up.

When I first heard about this move, I thought “why would Microsoft try to kill something that has been working fine for them for the past 25 or so years?” The answer is – To keep up with the competition. Apple is in the process of killing the OS-X brand and is moving towards the iOS that was released with the iPhone back in 2007. If you are familiar with the OS X Lion, you’ll know that it brought on many iOS elements into the computer world.

Like wise, Microsoft is trying to come up with something “fresher” and Windows 8 is the re-fresher they are looking for. It will run on an extremely fast system that uses applications. If you have not been keeping up with the Windows 8 production, check out the video below to see what it’s about.  It really looks more “user friendly” if you ask me, the only problem is having to get used to the new setup. I think it’s going to effectively turn our laptops into an over sized cellphone, but if you don’t like it… is not like you’ll have a choice. Unless… you move over to Linux or keep on using the current version of Windows. So we’ll see how this goes.

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How to fix TimThumb’ s 404 Problem on WordPress

Just recently we had a problem here on Tek-Bull where the thumbnail images were not displaying properly. In fact, the thumbnails were not showing up at all. We are still unsure as to what caused the problem but we sat around for nearly 20 hours trying to figure out what the problem was.

The Thumbnail images were working perfect in the morning, and less than 2 hours later, they started to fade away until there were fully gone. We knew the problem was in the Post-Thumbnail file since that’s the file that calls for the thumbnails. The only problem is that the file was created with three different other PHPs.

A plugin called “get the image”, the thumbnail post php file, and the TimThumb php file.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with TimThumb, that’s a file that takes the images from your posts and it re-sizes them to the correct size to be used as your thumbnails. After about 20 hours of experimenting with different sizes and scripts, we eventually found the problem.

There are actually Two Solutions:

1) IF you are using Hostgator as your hosting provider this problem is extremely easy to fix. Call them and tell them that your TimThumb Scrip is currently being blocked by a Mod_Security Rule. Tell them that you need to unblock the script and in 20 minutes or less, you’ll be good to go. For some reason or another, hostgator blocks this script from working properly.

2) IF you are not using Hostgator, then you probably have a problem with your actual script, find TimThumb under editor in wordpress. Click on Edit file, and find the following line. “CHMOD” and after wards you should have a couple of numbers. What you need to do is change your numbers to 755. Normally they are on 777 or 666. Every once in a while the script changes the cache file and you need to change the timthumb to a 755.

I hope this helped you out a bit.

PayPal announces phone-to-phone payments via NFC

My experience with PayPal has always been average, I’ve never had a problem with them, but at the same time, I’ve never really enjoyed them either. However, if you are a PayPal Lover, then you will be glad to know that Pay Pal will add a special feature to their service that will allow you to conduct and transfer funds between cellphones. If you have an Android Device, you will be able to download the application by the end of the summer!

So here is how it works, let’s say that your friend…BOB… owes you money but Bob never carries cash with him and for some reason or another the nearest ATM is way to far every time he wants to pay you. Well, thanks to this new application, your friend will be able to transfer money from paypal directly to you using nothing more than your cellphone. Both of you have to have the APP, then you type in your phone the amount of money that you are requesting. You place both phones together back to back, and wait for the “Buzz” once you hear the buzz, paypal will send you an e-mail stating that you have money coming in.

Currently, the application is very limited, it can only work on the Nexus phone, and there is no way to request money from a computer or anything else. I’m sure they will add additional phones in the future etc, but as of right now were stuck waiting for Bob to pay up.  Check out the Video below to see how it works. Via: PayPal

Working Virtual Reality Holodeck System

For years, people have been fascinated by the thought of someday being able to have a holodeck system like they did in Star Trek. The technology would have hundreds of different uses, just think about having the ability to travel to a different area of the world without having to leave your home?

Recent advancements in 3D Virtual reality systems, have shown tremendous improvements in the technology. The most recent addition to the 3D realm, comes from a company out of Japan called  Crescent Inc.

The company came up with a combination of devices and software that give the users a real time 3D interactive environment. The user places a helmet on their head, the helmet is then fed visual information through a real time rendering technology called Virtools.  This software creates a new world, using high definition cameras and image analysis software, to give the user the feeling that he is actually in another world that responds to his live input.  In layman’s terms, the helmet creates a new world around the user, combining objects found in the real world. For example, the user could be standing in front of a stool before he puts on the helmet… After the helmet has been activated, the computer recreates the stool and turns it into a tree stump, or a metal tube, etc.

The company hopes that in the future, the users will be able to experience educational tours, gaming scenarios, or even receive a form of therapy by being able to see their “character” as an avatar on a screen. Think of it as having a dream where you are aware of exactly what is going on.

Check out the video below to see how this technology is shaping up, I know it’s a bit “clunky” at the moment, but in the future, the technology may be advanced enough to be compacted on a small set of goggles.

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