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In a world where new socialization is being more and more focused online, people are losing the process that existed for thousands of years beforehand. That would be actually meeting them in person either through similar likes or by mutual acquaintances. Now, app designers are coming up with ways to unite people in real life again.

One of the newest additions to this mix is the iPhone app Highlight created by Paul Davison. It will run on user’s devices in the background and can make connections with people up to 50 meters away. When connections are made either by address, Facebook likes, photos, or mutual connections, each user will receive the other’s profile.

Another new app currently in its beta is called Uberlife. This app also only currently available on iPhones works by creating hangouts or linking users to hangouts in whatever vicinity they choose. Users can be connected through similar likes. It’s a way of making real-life connections by using the user’s interests.

Glancee is an app that many people have probably already heard about. It works a lot like Highlight, and is available on iOS and Android. Users can be notified by connecting through Facebook when someone they know is in close distance at events. It will also notify users whenever someone is nearby who share similar interests. So far, this app has over 10,000 users.

Sonar is really like the rest of these apps. Its purpose is to notify the user of connections they may be missing by “highlighting shared friends, networks, and interests.” This one requires that users sign up using Foursquare which does in return require user to sign up with Facebook. It kind of seems like a reason just to use Foursquare.

One last app is Banjo. This one is a little too extreme for my tastes. While it does work to connect people that are using different social networks. It is more about not missing anything that happens in these other people’s lives than just connecting on a real life scale. While it will keep each user constantly up to date about the other by using Foursquare. I just think allowing an app to automatically check you in every place you go is a bit much.

Out of these I would say Glancee is by far at the top of the list in my opinion. I like how it finds people based on similar likes, but is not shoving it down your throat about every place that they go. Uberlife will most likely be great once it gets more users. By actually creating a hangout, it does not invade privacy, and gives the user the opportunity to meet new people. I would like to have more to say about Highlight because it looks very cool, but I use an Android system phone, and there is no web based app.

The Best Education Sites

Social media has become a powerful tool for engagement, and colleges all over the nation are realizing this. Schools across the country are coming up with creative ways to utilize their school websites and popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Additionally, trends show that school’s with a higher reputation also tend to do better on the web. Hence, it’s no longer about how many tweets a school sends out per day or how many Facebook accounts it has, but rather the key factor is whether or not the content is useful and/or helpful to it’s audience.

So, now you’re probably wondering which colleges are having the most success on the web, right? This graphic by Best Ed Sites provides a comprehensive look at the colleges that have the best web presence and also reveals which ones are leading the pack when it comes to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Schools That Rule the Web
Created by: Best Education Sites

Has Heello Come to an End?

Well, it seems as if Heello just showed up to cause a huge stir and then quietly leave the social world. As of now, their “What’s Happening Tab” is still under construction, and that live feed was really one of the most appealing things that Heello had to offer. Outside of the live stream, Heello was just another Twitter with less users dying to claim famous account names.

About 8 or 9 days ago, the “What’s Happening Now – Live Stream – Tab” began to display the following message:

This feature is temporarily disabled.

Heello is growing at an astounding rate, and our servers need a little breathing room. We hope to have this stream back online very soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

But nine days later, the message is still being displayed.  It looks as if Heello, like most other start-up companies, never expected their website to go viral. And honestly, this could be the nail in Heello’s coffin, especially when many blogs have started to bring attention to a website that is trying to clone and compete against Twitter, a multi-million-user service.

One of the main downfalls of cloning a website is the fact that while you may think you have cloned everything correctly, certain aspects of the site cannot be cloned because you don’t know exactly how the underlying code is written. Imperfections in your code arising from this fact could mean overloading a server, even crashing a website, or much worse, annoying your users with features that don’t work right.

Twitter has the “timeline” where you instantly receive status updates from the people you are following. Heello had a live feed. Right from the start, every user started to complain about how difficult it was to keep up with the feed.

The “live feed”, to me, was an awesome addition that made Heello’s service unique. The stream reminded me of an old chatroom. The only problem is that the live feed was taking information from several different sources at the same time, meaning that half of the time, no one was actually keeping up with the conversation. Additionally, most of the people writing the statuses were just out to get a laugh or worse yet, spam everyone’s links and websites.

The one update that went viral on Heello was “Listen to me for a chance to win a free iPad”. After the initial rush of people following the person who posted the status, everyone began to update their status with the same quote. Then you started to see an entire wall of nothing but the word “Testing” over and over when people were trying out different things. And finally, the falsification of real accounts; CNN alone has 3 or 4 different official channels full of ridiculous stories and claims.

Overall, I think that Heello came too fast out of the bull cages and was ill-prepared for the plethora of problems that Twitter ironed out early on. Heello could have started the service by opening a Beta version first, or even an invitation-only service so they could work out the kinks before the masses show up. A little bit of planning could have gone a long way.

Now, I’m not saying that Heello is dead, but it’s at a stand-still. Nine days ago, people started to complain about the feed, and as of nine days ago most of the listeners that we have updated statuses like “has anyone returned yet?” or “is anyone still here?” or the classic “Hello… Heello?… are you there?”

How to Automatically Re-Post Old Twitter Updates

We all know that Twitter is an amazing tool to get your message across to a large audience, we also know that most people are on twitter for a brief moment, this means that if your tweet doesn’t go out at the perfect time, no one will be able to see it.

Unfortunately, while we try to post all of our updates as soon as they come out, we have other things to do and our tweets get unnoticed. Another problem is that when we update a status, we tend to forget about the status for the rest of it’s existence.

That is where “Tweet Old Posts” comes into the picture, tweet old post actually takes your previous twitter updates and re-tweets the tweets for you.  The only problem is that this doesn’t really work for all sites, for example, if you are using this for a “news” blog, you really can’t re-post a news story since that becomes a thing of the past.

But if you have a blog about tips, and tutorials, then you can actually find this tool very helpful. So make sure that you have the right kind of Blog if you are going to use this tool, it can potentially become a double edge sword. Your readers could become annoyed with your re posting of stories, specially if they have already read them once or twice.

Is Twitter a Waste of Your Time?

Is Twitter a waste of your time? well, that really depends on what your “time” means. For a company, or a blog, twitter really is a tool to reach a potential 200 million user audience. BUT for social networking with friends, that number is very very low. Facebook has Twitter beat by a LONG run, and now with Google Plus coming into the picture, it might lose it’s ground a little bit more.

For the most part, 1/4 of all Twitter Users have no followers, which is kind of depressing for those 25% of the people, and after a short while they begin to use twitter less and less until they go right back to updating their Facebook status just so they can get a comment, or a like, etc.

For companies and bloggers, twitter has become a tool to grow their connections. When they do get a follower, it’s usually from another blogger or another company rather than an actual user who is waiting to see what they have to say. I’m not saying that twitter has lost it’s importance in the social sphere, because I do know some people who use twitter over Facebook on the regular basis. But, the process of gaining “followers” in twitter is not only a time consuming effort but it’s also a low pay out… generally… it is estimated that every “like” on facebook will translate to $6 dollars, while every “follow” on twitter will translate to $2 dollars.

So, depending on what you are using twitter for, it MAY or MAY NOT be a waste of your time, this info-graphic found on ProBlogger has a couple of numbers so you can make your own decision:  What do you think, is it a waste?

Via: ProBlogger

Old Twitter is getting shut down “Very Very Soon!”

Well this is sad news, nine months ago twitter got revamped with their new twitter theme. At first I didn’t want to change to the new theme due to practicality issues. You know, the whole “I’m too used to this them already, why change it?”, and earlier today when we signed in to our profile we were met with this sad banner at the top. “You will automatically be upgraded to New Twitter Very, Very Soon.” Normally, our profile would have a message saying “you need to upgrade” but today that message had a higher level of urgency.

I’m not sure about what they mean by “very, very soon” for all I know it means that Twitter will change in 2 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, or even 2 hours. Unfortunately they don’t have any additional details regarding the message.

After some research, we found that over 88% of the twitter population uses the new twitter that’s almost 90 Million users, so I doubt anyone is going to have a strong word against the new change. I’m not exactly sure why twitter took this long to change the new theme, unlike Facebook, who changes their theme in one month every other month or so.

Are you ready for the full move? Not like you have any choice now, I guess the better question is, how are you liking the new twitter?

Are we addicted to Social Media?

Social Media has become such a strong part of our lives, that many of us can not go more than 2 hours before checking our social networks. I for once, check my Facebook before I head to bed, while I’m in bed, and before I get up from bed, and half of that time there is no real purpose of checking Facebook or twitter, half of the time I receive the news through a couple of updates, the other half, I find out that my friends went out the night before to paint the town red.

So… how often do you check in on your Social site like Facebook or Twitter? better yet, how many times have you been interrupted while you have been doing the “deed” with your loved one? according to the infographic below the number is pretty high. Over half of us check facebook on our iPhones at least once a day, me included, and nearly 11% of young adults are interrupted during the “deed” this is pretty bad if you ask me.

Are we in to deep? Are we to addicted? or “can we quit when we want”?

Via: Social Steak

Twitter the Movie, would you watch it? it’s rated A for Awesome!

Facebook’s movie “Social Network” came out a couple of months ago and it really wasn’t that bad. In case you didn’t see the movie, it’s about the creation of Facebook and how it was started, it showed the life of a young Mark as he struggled to get the Social Giant started.

Twitter didn’t want to stay behind! and they wanted to come up with their own movie, and it’s rated A for Awesome!

Okay so maybe it’s just a parody of Facebook’s Social Network, but it’s pretty cool. It makes fun of twitter’s role int he social realm and compares it to bathroom stall writings, # tags and @ symbols, by the way now that we’re talking about twitter, are you following @tekbull ? you should follow us we need a couple of more fans on both “the Tweet Network” and “the Social Network” it’s easy! just click the “follow” and “like” button at the bottom of the page, you don’t even have to get out of our site!

Afterwards, enjoy the video! I, for one, would like to go see an actual “how twitter” got started movie, even if it was just for the sh*ts and Giggles.

Via: Bit Rebels