iTether Is Back, And Apple Can’t Do Anything About It!

Let’s cut to the chase, Apple is a great company, but they hate sharing anything with anyone else. Remember when they started to sue everyone over stupid things – they went as far as to sue the German Mom and Pop cafe when Apple found out they were using an apple on their logo – not Apple’s apple, but just a simple apple. So it wasn’t a surprise that when iTether came out the first time, Apple instantly shut it down because it successfully bypassed the iPhone’s hotspot limitations. A limitation that forced users to purchase or install an overpriced application.

But now iTether is back, but this time Apple can’t do anything about it. In the past, the iTether application needed to be running in the actual phone, but now, it runs as an HTML5 code. Which means, we don’t have to install anything into the phone – but most importantly, we don’t have to jailbreak our phones to get it working. If you watch the video above, you download the drivers to your computer, and then connect your iPhone to the computer via an ad hoc connection. Then simply go to on your phone and you’re done.

Companies usually sell us expensive packages to include the “tethering” applications. The packages range anywhere between $20 – $30 a month, and sometimes even more. But there are small companies out there that still make a killing and bring in profits by selling you the same capability with less than $3 a month. The iTether is $30 a year, or $15 if you get it in the next week from the iTether site. [via The Verge]

Next Xbox to not use discs??

Yes people, you read that correctly! According to a new report, Microsoft’s Next generation console (codename: Durango) will not feature a disc drive! This means goodbye DVD, Blu-Ray, and all of  the classic physical copies of your favorite gaming titles. This must be a tough blow to hardcore gamers with an extensive collection of past Xbox titles, but I cant say that they should be shocked. The future of all of our media seems to be going digital and to be enjoyed through the cloud to give us the consumer more devices and accessibility to enjoy our media wherever we are.

Apparently the new console is to employ “interchangeable solid-state card storage,” but it is yet to be knows weather this is going to be some sort of standard format, such as SD or CF. You must be asking yourself how we all got a sneak peek into this great information, well it seems one of Microsoft’s developmental partners is squealing all of the inside information (guess he was just so excited he could not wait for E3). He also gave us an insight of when to be expecting this new disc-less entertainment console, which according to the report is “100%” confirmed for a 2013 release! ha yea like we did not see that one coming.

Microsoft wasn’t going to sit back and read these claims without commenting and they did as such with this official response:

“Xbox 360 has found new ways to extend its lifecycle like introducing the world to controller-free experiences with Kinect and re-inventing the console with a new dashboard and new entertainment content partnerships. We are always thinking about what is next for our platform and how to continue to defy the lifecycle convention. Beyond that we do not comment on rumors or speculation.”

Pretty heavy! Other claims say Microsoft will actually release two! yes two, versions of the new console! One is rumored to be a download driven set model whilst the other to be a more traditional “core gamer” system. This “core” system should support physical copies of games and also Blu-ray! so we have one console that would be “streaming only” and the other to cater to our more traditional experiences with physical media and enhancing it with Blu-Ray technology.

Until the next Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 we wont know for sure and all of these “rumors” will be just that…rumors.


Apple in hot water over E-book price fixing

Tech giant Apple has come under fire again, this time the heat is coming from the U.S. Justice department! The U.S. has accused Apple, and five publishers of banding together to keep e-book prices high.

Pretty much the pricing of e-book’s since Apple became involved has been sky high. An e-book should never cost more than five or ten dollars, and people who argue that “the value of the book” or “the value of the author” justifies these high costs which in many cases are more expensive than the actual paperback, are just plain delusional. The consumer is not paying for binding, shipping, packaging these are digital! And somehow Apple’s iBooks service manages to get away with charging almost double of what Amazon offers (which normally run at $9.99USD). Before the “iBooks” service was launched, Apple CEO Steve Jobs went to the major publishers he offered them a new model, the “agency” model which meant publishers could set their own selling prices and take 70% of the profits and Apple taking the other 30%. It was this new model that enticed the major publishers due to the fact that their previous way of doing this type of business was working under the “wholesale” model,in which an e-book seller such as Amazon pays roughly half the recommended cover price, and then sets its own pricing.

Justifiably the agency model became more popular after Apple entered the e-book business and they also reportedly stipulated that publishers who used the agency model couldn’t sell their books for cheaper elsewhere. What us the consumers will most likely get out of all of this is cheaper prices for our e-books after the justice department lays down some hefty fines on Apple and the book publishers. Cheaper e-book’s hurray!!!! No one likes paying higher prices for something if they dont have to and this will keep the playing field competitive between companies to further prevent another “iTunes” which has a firm grasp on the music industry.

Apple Introduces The New iPad!

The highly anticipated Apple media event set for today March 7th has come and gone and it did not disappoint for the most part, but then again no one is ever really satisfied . The event held in San Francisco was headed by Apple CEO Tim Cook. We first were treated to Apple’s seemingly obligatory rants about their amazing sales on their three post-PC devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) then it got straight to the good stuff.

First thing announced was a new iOS update 5.1 which finally brings Apples patented voice assistant to Japan among a few other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Then the first big news of the day was a revamped Apple TV which will be available March 16th and will feature a beautiful new user interface and will now support FULL 1080P HD streaming! Pretty exciting news there and as part of the new UI it will now support third party apps and all of your iCloud content, such as Photo stream and your iTunes library.

The last new feature on the third generation Apple Tv is ability to stop watching on one iOS device and pick right back up where you left off on another device which is pretty sweet. The price point has remained the same as the last generation and will come in at the same low price of 99$

Now on to the big enchilada! The “New” iPad!! Before it was introduced Apple boasted about the sales figures and the future potential of the device and how it has become a favorite among users for email and books, and with over 200,000 apps tailor made for the iPad, I whole heartedly agree that the sales numbers reflect the quality and amazingness of this device which is still just under two years old.

The “New” iPad 3rd Generation features a beautiful retina display with a resolution of 2048X1536, which features over 3.1 million total pixels! Approximately 1 million more than HD TV itself. The elegant 9.7 inch screen boasts 44% saturation from its earlier version and features a quad-core A5X graphics chip, which will boost multimedia performance and allow for smooth operation of the iPad’s higher resolution. The 3rd generation iPad also contains an upgraded iSight camera coming in at 5mp backside illuminated and having the same optics as the camera in the iPhone 4s. Siri was one of the biggest features anticipated for the new iPad and when the inclusion of a microphone was shown many including myself were shocked not to see siri technology included, instead voice dictation will be the primary use for this new microphone. Which leaves siri integration something to look forward to in iOS 6.

The best news of all with all of these inclusions is that the starting price points will remain the same and so will the battery life! the new iPad will be capable of operating on 4G LTE and is 3G world ready which makes the 10 hour battery life that much more amazing. pricing is as follows

Wi-Fi only models 499$ 16GB, 599$ 32GB, 699$ 64GB

Wi-Fi & 4G LTE 629$ 16GB, 729$ 32GB, and 829$ 64GB and these are available for pre-order on Apple’s website and will be released March 16th in North America and March 23rd Worldwide.

Warning: You Are Not Safe Online!

We’ve heard it a million times before: protect your privacy and don’t do anything stupid on the Internet. However, with the growing trend of social media and online interaction, more of us become less hesitant when it comes to sharing our information. Even if we think we’re being careful, companies have found all kinds of ways to collect our data and use it for other purposes. It’s no longer just about not making careless decisions like posting your address or publicly uploading your photos.

The graphic below illustrates this in detail, but it also provides some tips to make sure that we have some layer of protection. Though some of these are somewhat obvious, I think a lot of us these days simply forget the power of a secure password code and taking those extra steps to change our privacy settings.

You Are Not Safe Online
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Police Accidentally Censor Google, Facebook and 8,000 Other Sites

According to torrent freak, an alleged “human error” carried out by the police resulted in thousands of websites being completely blocked at the DNS level in Denmark.Over 8,000 websites that included everything from Google, to Facebook, went offline after informing the visitors that the websites offered child pornography.

The message that was displayed read “The National High Tech Crime Center of the Danish National Police [NITEC], who assist in investigations into crime on the internet, has informed Siminn Denmark A/S, that the internet page which your browser has tried to get in contact with may contain material which could be regarded as child pornography.”

The team is in charge of keeping up with a list of websites the Danish government feels are not suitable for it’s citizens. Everyday, the ISP companies collect the list aggregated by the NITEC team and they apply DNS blockades to their infrastructure. According to Johnny Lundberg, the chief of NThe country’s High Tech Crime Unit team didn’t pick up on the error for several hours. ITEC, an employee was moving computers to a colleagues computer in order to work on a list of legitimate “illegal” sites. Because the employee was not familiar with colleagues PC, he accidentally placed the websites in the wrong folder. When the ISP’s came in to collect the folder, the police didn’t pick up on the error until it was to late.

Immediately after realizing the problem, the NITEC corrected the error and notified the ISPs but it took at least 3 hours for customers of the ISPs to regain access to the sites in question.

Lundberg said that his organization was sorry for the mistake and has now adopted a new system whereby blocked sites have to now be approved by two employees instead of one.

5 Reasons Why Windows 8 Is Better Than Android or iOS According to Wired

Microsoft released its much anticipated Windows 8 consumer preview this week.  There have already been questions of will this do anything to help Microsoft pull itself back up and once again be a contender.  Wired has five reasons why this OS may be better than the best out there at the moment.

First, according to the article writer Christina Bonnington, is the picture password.  I am agreed on this one that it is not only a more creative way of doing things, it is also safer.  The user will choose a photo for their lock screen, and then they will have three touches on the picture that will unlock it.

Second, apps are easier to sort through. Users can just swipe the left of the screen and any open apps appear.  When the user clicks on the bar icon the most frequently used apps will appear.

Third, screens are easier to use for people with fat fingers.  This seems understandable on phones, but on tablets there have not seemed to be as much of a problem with this issue.  However, it is cool that this OS has three screen sizes to choose from.

Fourth, the screens are not cluttered.  There are no unnecessary apps lying around.  Also, there are no navigational, task, and menu bars.  The Metro UI theme is very clean and sleek look for the OS.

The fifth reason why Wired thinks the Windows 8 OS has potential to be better than what is currently out there is the home screen.  It has combined the best of both worlds from iOS and Android.  It is tidy and neat, but also possesses freedom.

Judge Orders Man To Apologize On Facebook Or Go To Jail

Wow, this is drama that appears to be taken straight out of a high school movie where people complain to the principal over something really stupid. In a remarkable take on Freedom of Speech, an Ohio judge threatened a man with 60 days in jail if he didn’t apologize to his ex-wife for a rant he posted to his Facebook page. But it couldn’t be just a regular apology, the judge actually wrote the apology in paper and gave it to the men to post it.

According to Forbes, Mark Byron was upset about a protective order that ordered him to stay away from his wife and affected custody of his son. So he posted what’s described as a “rant” about the situation on his Facebook page.

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, having a judge tell you that you have to write out a status where you apologize to your ex-wife, or being the judge and actually having to tell the husband to apologize – then having to write it out. In my opinion, if I’m mad at a person or if a person finds my status offensive, I can say what ever I want thanks to my “Freedom of Speech” and if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be able to go to to the court and force an apology out of me. Especially if you don’t deserve it.

Here is what the husband said on his status before he had to remove it and update it with an apology:

…if you are an evil, vindictive woman who wants to ruin your husbands life and take your son’s father away from him completely – all you need to do is say that you’re scared of your husband or domestic partner…

Elizabeth Byron, the ex-wife, somehow learned about the post she had been blocked from seeing. She said that it violates Byron’s protective order that keeps him from doing anything that will cause her “physical or mental abuse, harassment, annoyance, or bodily injury.” So she went to the court, which just proves her husband’s status even more. She is a vindictive woman.

Byron was ordered to post a court-written apology on this Facebook page as well as pay his wife’s court costs related to the incident – or go to jail for 60 days. And really, the way the judge wrote the protective order is so vague that anything that he does that causes “annoyance” to his ex-wife will mean he’s going to end up in court.