Next Xbox to not use discs??

Yes people, you read that correctly! According to a new report, Microsoft’s Next generation console (codename: Durango) will not feature a disc drive! This means goodbye DVD, Blu-Ray, and all of  the classic physical copies of your favorite gaming titles. This must be a tough blow to hardcore gamers with an extensive collection of past Xbox titles, but I cant say that they should be shocked. The future of all of our media seems to be going digital and to be enjoyed through the cloud to give us the consumer more devices and accessibility to enjoy our media wherever we are.

Apparently the new console is to employ “interchangeable solid-state card storage,” but it is yet to be knows weather this is going to be some sort of standard format, such as SD or CF. You must be asking yourself how we all got a sneak peek into this great information, well it seems one of Microsoft’s developmental partners is squealing all of the inside information (guess he was just so excited he could not wait for E3). He also gave us an insight of when to be expecting this new disc-less entertainment console, which according to the report is “100%” confirmed for a 2013 release! ha yea like we did not see that one coming.

Microsoft wasn’t going to sit back and read these claims without commenting and they did as such with this official response:

“Xbox 360 has found new ways to extend its lifecycle like introducing the world to controller-free experiences with Kinect and re-inventing the console with a new dashboard and new entertainment content partnerships. We are always thinking about what is next for our platform and how to continue to defy the lifecycle convention. Beyond that we do not comment on rumors or speculation.”

Pretty heavy! Other claims say Microsoft will actually release two! yes two, versions of the new console! One is rumored to be a download driven set model whilst the other to be a more traditional “core gamer” system. This “core” system should support physical copies of games and also Blu-ray! so we have one console that would be “streaming only” and the other to cater to our more traditional experiences with physical media and enhancing it with Blu-Ray technology.

Until the next Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 we wont know for sure and all of these “rumors” will be just that…rumors.


5 Reasons Why Windows 8 Is Better Than Android or iOS According to Wired

Microsoft released its much anticipated Windows 8 consumer preview this week.  There have already been questions of will this do anything to help Microsoft pull itself back up and once again be a contender.  Wired has five reasons why this OS may be better than the best out there at the moment.

First, according to the article writer Christina Bonnington, is the picture password.  I am agreed on this one that it is not only a more creative way of doing things, it is also safer.  The user will choose a photo for their lock screen, and then they will have three touches on the picture that will unlock it.

Second, apps are easier to sort through. Users can just swipe the left of the screen and any open apps appear.  When the user clicks on the bar icon the most frequently used apps will appear.

Third, screens are easier to use for people with fat fingers.  This seems understandable on phones, but on tablets there have not seemed to be as much of a problem with this issue.  However, it is cool that this OS has three screen sizes to choose from.

Fourth, the screens are not cluttered.  There are no unnecessary apps lying around.  Also, there are no navigational, task, and menu bars.  The Metro UI theme is very clean and sleek look for the OS.

The fifth reason why Wired thinks the Windows 8 OS has potential to be better than what is currently out there is the home screen.  It has combined the best of both worlds from iOS and Android.  It is tidy and neat, but also possesses freedom.

Yosemite National Park’s Lava Waterfall

The Magma Colored waterfall only happens in a two week window of time outside of the Horsetail Fall at Yosemite National Park. If the sky is clear and the weather is just right, the images captured by the photographers leave people in awe. The waterfall’s color change was first discovered in 1973 by Galen Rowell, an outdoors photographer, ever since; photographers have been coming to the fall to capture similar images.

Capturing these images is more than just going out there and taking a picture with your cellphone camera. If you want to capture the Horsetail waterfall at it’s brightest, you’ll need to know about astronomy, physics, and geometry as hopefuls consider the azimuth degrees and minutes of the earth’s orbit relative to the sun to determine the optimal day to experience it. The photographers are looking for the lowest angle of light that will paint Horsetail the colors of an iridescent sunset as rays reflect off granite behind the water. It materializes in varying degrees of intensity for the same two weeks every year.

The waterfall can only be pictured for that short period of time during mid February, that’s IF enough water accumulates through rain or snow. If the fall is flowing, and the sky is clear, you have two minutes during dusk time to take a picture of the fall. After two weeks of flowing “red” the river will will dry out, and the angles of the sun rays will be out of place.

Michael Frye, who wrote the book “The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite.” said that “Horsetail is so uniquely situated that I don’t know of any other waterfall on earth that gets that kind of light,”

If you want to get a shot of this elusive lava waterfall, you’re in luck. Recent storms and snowfall mean the finicky fall is flowing again, and park officials are hopeful it will last through February 24, which is generally the last day of the year it can be seen.

The popularity is reminiscent of an actual fiery fall that entertained guests in the park from 1930 to 1968. Each summer evening as the sun set, employees of the park concessionaire would build a huge fire atop Glacier Point. At 9 p.m., as the fire burned down to embers and the Indian Love Song waned, someone would yell, “Let the fire fall!”

With long rakes men pushed glowing coals over the 3,200-foot cliff. Had visitors looked in the opposite direction at a different time of year they would have seen the watery fire-fall of nature. Via: Yahoo News

Windows 8 Picture Password Sign In

Windows 8 will be implementing a Picture Password

If you know anything about security, this only smells like trouble. The user selects a personal picture. After a personal picture is selected the user must implement a series of gestures. These gestures are tap, line, and circle.

In my opinion, this is a horrible idea that Microsoft’s Engineers came up with. I sense this will only cause chaos for the user, and a headache for Network Administrators.

A large part of workplace user calls are because they have locked themselves out.

What do you think? Good Idea from Microsoft’s Engineers, or a headache in waiting?

The initial Beta release of Window’s 8 is set for February. The launch is expected late of 2012.

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Microsoft’s Next Generation Surface Finally Goes Up for Pre-Order

Do you guys remember that back in January Microsoft was all over CES 2011 when they unveiled the next generation surface interactive display? Then, they stated the surface was going to be a couple of years before it came into full production, but thanks to Samsung the surface is finally going into production this year.

The first generation surface was carrying a horrible price tag of $12,500, it was a little bulky, clunky, and really didn’t get much done. But the newest generation is a whole lot thinner, at 4” thick, it’s also a lot lighter since it only weighs 39 Kilograms, and its really just an oversized television display. The price tag is still at a hefty $8,000 on average, but that’s $4,000 cheaper than last generation.

In terms of speed and specifics, the display is a 40 inch 16:9 display and is capable of putting out 1080p. The display runs on an AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core processor and runs at about 2.9ghz. The screen is also very durable, thanks to the largest sheet of Gorilla Glass yet seen on a product, this display/table is going to withstand  heavy uses.

The new display which is called SUR40 uses a new type of Technology called PixelSense, Microsoft said that it’s as giving Surface “vision.” To the entire display. The entire surface acts like a giant camera, so you could basically put an object above the display and take a picture of it.

The SUR40 can be pre-ordered now directly from Samsung in 23 countries.Read more at Microsoft

Microsoft’s New Social Network Socl – Social Searching

It looks like the internet has enough room for yet another social network to join in on the fun. Google’s social network “plus” seems to be doing okay, but now Microsoft is trying to jump onboard to get a piece of the social pie. Microsoft’s new social network called Socl, is going to be the social network for social searching – Why? Well, I don’t even know either. But this social network is going to attack Google more than it is Facebook.

The Verge’s Thomas Houston tested out the network, he said that while it feels like Facebook and Google+ the Socl Network by Microsoft is a different kind of beast! He said that Socl is all about the sophisticated search and predictive algorithms used on the Bing Search engine. The point of the Socl network is to get more refined searches that are likely catered to your own search needs.

Socl will let you follow friends, post status updates, or even search for updates, posts, notes on the fed, and watch youtube videos. You will not have as much privacy as Google+ but this is something that some people are willing to overcome.

With the addition of Socl, do you think that the networks are getting over crowded? I still have problems trying to keep up with my social accounts, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupo, Etc. and now Socl… that’s going to be a little to much, I still have no idea as to how people keep up with all of their accounts on line.

Via The Verge