Save your company money with vehicle tracking

In short, vehicle tracking systems save companies’ cash by allowing management to have tighter control over assets that can easily be misused. Fitting vehicle trackers to vehicles, whether that’s just one or a nationwide fleet, the movements of each can be analysed, ensuring that everyone is on track.

Firstly, by getting rid of idling times, money in the form of fuel and labour costs is saved. Take rush hour or other busy periods for example. As soon as the relevant employees back at HQ are made aware that a vehicle has been sat for an extended period of time, they can work out a different route to avoid the tailbacks and increase efficiency. Without a system like this in place, drivers would be forced to sit idle in traffic jams whilst the chance of hitting the deadline for a delivery or meeting slips away.

Longer-term, areas where experience tells staff that traffic jams are common can be avoided when routes are worked out in future, meaning that in time problems will be completely ironed out, increasing efficiency massively and cutting down on waste.

Although it might seem strict, reducing misuse of company vehicles with the use of trackers is another easy method of saving money. Things like personal errands undertaken in the firm’s vehicles can be curbed, as well as redirections for the purpose of theft in the case of freight and delivery companies. If these new guidelines are absorbed into current company policy, then after a short while efficiency should start to creep up, again saving money on fuel and labour.

By initiating closer inspection of the records of vehicles in use, small errors in driving such as employees taking the wrong route or displaying poor vehicle control like speeding and heavy braking can be eradicated, increasing efficiency further still.

Ultimately, RAM tracking will help the company and employees operate much more efficiently, impacting the bottom line almost immediately. After a short amount of time best practice guidelines can be updated to take into account the new technology, and productivity will in theory be at an all-time high.

Toyota Fun-Vii, Just as Fun as it Sounds

Toyota has just unveiled one of the coolest concept cars to date, the Fun-Vii.  Not only does it look like it came from the year 3000 but it also has some of the most advanced technology in a car to date!  Unfortunately we must confess that this car does happen to still be in it’s ‘concept’ stage, but nevertheless it is awesome!  The interior and exterior of the car are both covered in a high quality display panel.  So basically we have a car built out of televisions… well, not quite.  The door to the car is touch sensitive, which enables people to open the door with just a swipe of their hand.  Another cool feature of the car is that since the front windshield is a display panel, the GPS instructions and map are displayed right in front of you on a semi-transparent glass.  This car actually seems to resemble a smart phone more than a motor vehicle, as you can change the background images on the car and update it’s software over a stable Wifi connection.  Even when you are trying to park the car Toyota has come up with a new invention to keep you safe, if multiple Fun-Vii’s are on the road they will detect each other and can send out signals to make sure the drivers don’t come too close to each other.  This will supposedly make parallel parking a breeze when people can rely on their cars to see what is not humanly possible, and it should allow people to be less focused on driving yet still be safe.

Similarly, Toyota released this info, trying to explain the practical uses behind the car, as we know with any concept car a price and availability date is far, far away.

“The ultimate in personalization functions offer the ability to alter the content displayed on the interior and exterior of the Fun-Vii with the same ease as downloading an application.  For instance, the whole vehicle body can be used as a display space, with the body color and display content changeable at will. This allows the entire vehicle to function as a terminal for displaying messages or other information. The whole of the vehicle interior also can function as a display space, with the interior freely adjustable to match the mood of the moment. Content such as navigation information is blended seamlessly into the interior through the use of augmented reality.  Furthermore, the vehicle’s “navigation concierge” can provide the passengers with driving information and guidance through a vocal interface.”

Take a look at the video, and you can see just how amazingly entertaining the car seems to be.  Maybe this type of a car is too fun to use… I wouldn’t want to see my neighbor trying to back into his garage with all of those flashing lights.  Anyway, the technology behind the car is based on the same tech that Nokia released with their GEM phone.

“Nokia released a new phone concept – GEM – which revolutionizes mobile design by turning the entire handset into a touchscreen…”

Sources: Nokia GEM Toyota PR

New Study Shows Teens Desire a Smart Phone More Than a Car

These days due to the recession, bad job market, and terrible inflation, many people have to make the choice between necessities and desires.  For the longest time people were able to live almost above their current pay grade but these days are long-gone, and it looks like budget cuts by consumers are going to have a very large impact on the car market this year.  As you may have realized, the holiday season is coming up and a new report by the New York Times says that teenagers undoubtedly want a smart-phone more than a car.  Now this is not to say that every highschooler would choose an iPhone over a new Ferrari, but with the rising gas prices and other common problems with cars, the vehicles are just becoming less wanted.

The theory behind this new trend is that teenagers used to put ‘freedom’ along with taking a road trip, hitting the open road with some friends, and being able to drive anywhere at any time.  Unfortunately for many kids this has changed a new trend has popped up, which always happens over time, but it seems the stakes have been significantly lowered which leads to other possible problems.  Teens these days are more dependant on their social networks and mobile lives which makes the cell phone an extremely important part of their lives, much more so than in the last decade.  People want, and need, to be connected to their online communication networks and driving a car can impede their ability to do so with the newer and harsher laws on teen texting and phone usage in cars.  It seems that almost every state is now adopting a new law that makes phone usage in almost any form illegal for teens, if not everyone; but there are two sides to this story as the car crash rates have significantly dropped in areas where these laws were implemented.

Surprisingly, statistics show that in 1978 almost 50% of 16 year olds picked up their driving license, but in 2008 only 30% of this same group obtained their driving privileges.  It is speculated that this slow decrease over the years is actually caused by a lack of innovation from car companies.  Think about it… car companies have not come out with anything revolutionary or extremely needed in the life of a teenager in the past years, a car is still needed but the ownership of a car as a teen is not necessarily such a desired trait anymore; the truly terrifying thought is if teens now value having a smart phone more than a car, what will the next generation find useless that we are so thankful for these days?

Multi-Vehicle Speed Cameras – Soon Highway Speeding Will Be Obsolete

We’ve all been there, you get pulled over, and instantly you try to rehearse what you are going to tell the police officer.  You play out “What seems to be the problem officer” several times in your head, but when the officer walks up to your car, you blabber out “uhh… uhm… I need to go the bathroom?” It takes more than just good practice to be able to get out of a speeding ticket.

You need to have 40% good lie, 20% skill, and 40% of luck. But unfortunately, Cordon, a new radar system that tracks your vehicle’s speed with pin point accuracy is going to get rid of the “luck” part. The new system will be able to track up to 30 different vehicles across a 4 lane road at the same time.

The Camera tracks the speed and license plate then automatically sends out the data to a database where the police can issue out a speeding ticket.  Additionally, the camera will be able to detect bus, and Taxi only lane violators by cross referencing your license plate with the license plates it has stored on it’s database.

According to Peak Gain Systems, the camera is not going to be out in the USA until early 2012, but once it gets here, your chances of getting out of a speeding ticket are going to be close to zero. After watching the video above you can see how this is going to be any driver’s worst nightmare. Peak Gain Systems via Engadget

Photos Of The New Electric 2013 DeLorean

The DeLorean was almost dead a while back, but thanks to Back to The Future, the car will never fully die. In 2013, the Delorean will be making a full comeback, here are 9 images of the amazing car, including the “Flux” capacitor box and even an iPhone dock that can take you back to where it all started by playing the soundtrack to one of the best movies ever.

The all electric 260 horse power car has a built in GPS navigation system, and can top off at about 125 hours per hour.

The range of the vehicle is still unclear, but regardless, this is going to be one of the hottest cars in 2013, at least in the geek community.  Regardless of what you think, enjoy the gallery at the bottom. Via Fubiz

[nggallery id=18]



Big Wheel For Grown Ups – $75,000

I still remember the days when I would cruise down my street in the big wheel, some times when a neighbor was washing his car, if I timed it just right, I could fish tail the wheel and the experience was beyond amazing. Eventually, the big wheel got to small and I could no longer enjoy the experience, then out comes this huge wheel for grown ups.

The wheel costs $75,000 and for that price, I think I’ll pass but if you don’t care to much about the money, you can pay the price to get the experience back.

The nine foot wheel is powered by a 60HP 80cc Harley Davidson Evo engine and can get you rolling at up to 50 miles per hour. It has an 8.5 gallon tank and can take you about 400 miles on a full tank of gas.

Hammacher Schlemmer via Gizmodo

Nissan Develops a 10 Minute Electric Car Recharge Station

Electric cars don’t suck, the only thing they suck at is the recharge  waiting time. For a couple of hours of travel, you have to wait almost twice as much recharging the darn thing so you can get going again. This inability to hold a charge past 6 hours of travel time, at best, and having to wait almost an entire night, made them an inconvenience for every day travelers.

But thanks to Nissan, we may finally have a car that is not so inconvenient. Nissan developed a charging station that can recharge your car in about 10 minutes and you’re, just enough time for a bathroom break, and you’re on the road again.

The development of this new quick charge battery came after the researchers switched up the electrode inside a capacitor from a carbon to a tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide to improve the power of the battery. By doing this, the battery can now be charged extra fast.

This new battery is about 10 years from being fully commercialized and distributed but at least we have figured out a solution for all of these electric cars. Now we can finally be proud of driving something that works.

Via NY Daily News