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The Rise of the Cheater

From the student who copies classmates’ homework to the person who lies about their taxes, cheating happens every day and by people of all ages. But before children discover how to cheat, they learn the art of lying. It is estimated that the average child begins to tell lies between the ages of two and […]

The Death of Television

Television’s out; the Internet is in. In the past few years, the population of folks getting their television from the Internet has drastically increased. More than one-third of U.S. Internet users are watching videos online every day. And the top sites are exactly what you’d think: Netflix users average over 10 hours per month of […]

Cyberbullied: How Bullies Have Moved From the Playground to the Web

Traditional schoolyard bullying has taken a backseat to an equally, if not moreso, damaging form of bullying – cyberbullying. Much like traditional bullying, cyberbullying involves name-calling, rumors, and other harassment tactics, but unlike face-to-face bullying, online threats tend to go under the radar of adults. The growing online presence of teenagers on Facebook, Twitter, and […]

Warning: You Are Not Safe Online!

We’ve heard it a million times before: protect your privacy and don’t do anything stupid on the Internet. However, with the growing trend of social media and online interaction, more of us become less hesitant when it comes to sharing our information. Even if we think we’re being careful, companies have found all kinds of […]

Bad Science – Caused by Bad Scientist?

We read and hear about scientific studies on a daily basis. News outlets and editorials always seem to be reporting on some sort of new finding, and most people don’t question them. Why should we? A scientist wouldn’t lie, right? Unfortunately, new studies have revealed that a shocking number of researchers and scientists aren’t always […]

Minority Report in Real Life?

It’s obvious that technology has come a long way. One interesting example of this can be seen in the the field of criminology. With data-driven policing and new revolutionary forecasting systems, police are already able to predict crimes at certain locations and times. For example, by 2003, the police in Richmond,VA were able to anticipate […]