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A House to build a Dream on

20 minutes outside of San Jose, Costa Rica happily sits a home made from the forgotten and disregarded husks belonging to once-in-use shipping containers. Now, ‘why live in a shipping container’ you ask? Well, LOOK AT THIS THING! Not only does it look quite cool and dandy, it also is very cheap to set-up for […]

Less Americans are filing for Bankruptcy

Well, this is actually good news, according to New York Times, fewer and fewer Americans are filing for bankruptcy. While it may not be a sign of an improving economy, it is still a good sign. The number of bankruptcy filings for June dropped by 6.2 percent when compared to the amount of filings in […]

Spotify is hitting the US of A!!

You know what’s better than music?  Free music! Spotify; the music service that took Europe by storm which allows you to have free access to music on demand whenever your little heart yearns for it. Best part?  You can sign up now for a free invite here in the USA! If you go to spotify.com […]