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A Species of Parrot That Chooses Infant Gender

The eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus) has already been considered an anomaly in the animal kingdom. Males and females in this species look so different that for a very long time researchers believed that they actually were two different kinds of parrots. Now, it has been discovered that the eclectus possess a much more interesting trait. […]

Mitt Romney’s Cousin Declares Mormonism a Fraud

Park Romney, a former Mormon high priest, said he left the church because he believes it is a “fraud.” While Mitt Romney does not really ever discuss his religion like one or two of the other Republican candidates, he is known to be a committed follower of the Mormon faith. Park Romney told BBC that […]

Denmark Comes to an Energy Agreement

Finally, a country is doing something about the increasing usage of renewable energy sources.  Denmark plans to reach at least 50 percent of its electricity usage through wind power by 2020. The country was able to come to an agreement that according to Martin Lidegaard, the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy, and Building, said is, […]

Anti-CD47: A Way to Cure Cancer

One drug called anti-CD47 has the capabilities to cure not one type of cancer, but all forms of cancer. Breast, colon, lung, prostate, and liver can all be cured with an antibody drug that is created from a protein already found inside the body. CD47 is a protein that protects healthy parts from the immune […]

Round Trip to Mars for $500K

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX has announced that it should be ready to take people on trips to Mars and back for as little as $500,000. Extreme Tech reported him saying that the price was so that even average people could take flight. He did also mention during the interview with BBC that the […]

All Women Need to “Climax” Is Exercise

A new study has come to a fascinating conclusion for women.  It says that all women really need to reach “Climax” is not a man or even an “electrical assistant”, but exercise. The idea that women could reach this point while working out has been tossed around in the media for a long time.  According […]