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How to Deal With Internet Trolls

It never fails. You get online to post a video, a picture, an audio clip, or even a story, and you’ll instantly meet a person who’s most insightful and elaborate comment is something taken straight out of a 5th grade recess shouting match. When you try to correct this person, you get a comeback from […]

Brazil To Start Cloning Endangered Species Of Animals

Endangered animals are a drag, you know, because they are going extinct and all. But Brazil is actually doing something about it. They just recently started a program who’s main purpose is program to clone animals that are currently at risk of going extinct. The animals that they currently have in mind include the Tamarins, Maned Wolves, […]

Faux Lego Cam Beats The One you Have Around Your Neck

Why would anyone want to pay $55 for a camera that has no LCD Display, no flash, and no “special” features? Beats me. But the Nanoblock digital snapper seems to be trending in Japan. The camera is made out of Fuuvi’s Nanoblocks, which are the Japanese version of the Lego, except smaller – regardless, these […]