Microsoft’s Multi colored windows flag we all learned to love has finally reached its last system. The new Windows 8 system is going to be branded with a new logo that we’re going to have to get used to. The image at the left is going to be with us for the next foreseeable future. I don’t know why they are walking away from the classic logo and focusing more on a logo that looks more like a real window, but they think it looks more “modern.”

The Windows 8 logo was designed by Pentagram and is supposed to “be both modern and classic”  the very first windows logo was very similar to this one, it had the same color scheme as the new Windows logo but it had a little to many lines. This new logo is supposed to represent the new Windows 8 interface that will use “panels“ instead of the icons we currently use today.

According to the Windows Team Blog, the new logo is supposed to be “humble, yet confident” and filled with “motion.”  And really, I don’t see this logo catching on… we’re already too familiar with the classic logo, this one might hurt the company rather than help it. Remember what happened to Gap when they changed their logo?

Check out the gallery at the bottom to see an evolution of the Windows Logo over the last couple of decades. Do you think this new logo will be catching on?