Hey! you notice how that was a Hey and not a Heyy? maybe you should Heyyy or maybe Heyyyyy while I was writing this article. If you have ever received any one of those text messages and you jump all over it, you might want to use the image at the bottom to decipher what it all means.

How many times have you gotten a text message from a girl who you think you love that said Heyyy and you translated that into a Heyy or worse yet into a Heyyyy? and you respond with a Heyy Heyyyy… I can guarantee you, you will instantly become Hey, and you will never ever get another text message unless she’s saying Heyyyyy! which at that point, depending on how you play your cards, you might get a different outcome… but maybe not. So next time that you get a Hey message, check the chart below to know what it all means that way you can play your cards right to get to that Heyy!

But what if they text you Heyyyyyyyyyy well then, that means that they are drunk, and what ever number of “y” are at the end of that 5th “Y” means by how many drinks… At least that’s usually how it goes.

  • Fonzie Cool

    You almost got it right.

  • Nofuq Ingway

    Fuckin Fonzie Cool beat me to it.