HexBright the first programmable flashlight

I am a flashlight aficionado, I have them all, the blinking ones, the 3 mode ones, the ones that change colors, etc. However the HexBright is a flashlight that you can program with your own different modes. For example you can have a mode that is dim, one that is right, and one that blinks 3 times and goes off, etc.

Christian Carlberg designed the flashlight with different features, two models are available, The Prime has a max light output of 350 lumens and the Flex has a max light output of 500 lumens. For reference, a good quality $30 brand-name flashlight puts out 100 lumens of light. The major difference between the Prime and Flex models is the HexBright Flex is USB rechargeable and USB programmable. If you want, you can re-write the default code and tweak the HexBright Flex however you desire.

These are really cool lights, from the video it really looks like Chris has everything put together and in line for production of the light. He currently has a Kickstarter website where he is trying to collect enough money to fund his lights. At a low price of $35 you can own one of the lights, he’s also trying to get the tactical approval, meaning that if it gets approved you’ll own a $200 tactical flashlight for the low price of $35 bucks, definitely worth the buy.